Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pregnancy Diary: Searching for a Pediatrician

It seems like just yesterday that I was 13 weeks pregnant and nauseated out my mind. And now I look up and I only have 3 more months to go. Wow does time pass by fast. Well so far I still feel like a bloated whale, I feel as if I am getting bigger and bigger (which...I am) I am getting more and more tired, it hurts to move at times...just a mess. But hey only 3 more months to go. Lolz
On my pregnancy checklists and apps (yes I have more than 1), it says that now is the time to start looking for a dentist and a pediatrician. Its probably one of the more easier tasks. I would say that finding a dentist or pediatrician that accepts the insurance you have is the challenging part. There is one website that helps me though. Its HealthGrades.com. Trust me it helps. Plus it has a mobile site.
Speaking of mobile sites, I now have to type my blog posts through the blogger app because every time I try to log on to a computer, it does this stupid thing that kinda locks me out of typing anything or editing anything. So if my posts look a little different, bear with me please. Haha it frustrates me.

Love u babies!

"The world is a playground. We know that as kids. But somewhere down the road we forget that." ~Jim Carrey

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