Sunday, November 22, 2015

Final Trimester! Welcome to the Home Stretch...

I have officially reached the last 3 months of my pregnancy! Yaaaaaay!

Baby boy is now the size of an eggplant. I have weighed myself at different places, and i'm actually not sure which one is correct. At the spa, I'm 139....... at my mom's house using her scale, I'm 129..... hopefully I'm 129. Lol. My next doctor's appointment is Tuesday so i'll see how much I REALLY weigh. It scares me because if I really am 139 pounds, that mean's he's going to be huge because I was 139 pounds when I gave birth to Gabby.
Speaking of doctor's appointments, I am now going every 2 weeks. Which is good for me because I really have alot of questions now. This pregnancy is so different from my first and I am having so many different symptoms. I am soooo tired of eating. I know that is strange to say coming from a pregnant girl but it's like I'm ALWAYS hungry and I'm ALWAYS  eating. Lol. I'm just really tired of stuffing my face. It doesn't feel good at all. Speaking of eating, I have a new craving which is mango smoothies from Chicken Express. :) So yummy and so tart, and just what baby boy ordered haha. Another weird symptom is......I'm not growing any hair. I think I have mentioned before that I do not see any kind of growth with my head hair, but I just recently went to my monthly brazilian and underarm wax appointment, and my esthetician said that I barely have any hair to wax. And the hair that did grow out, it is very thin. It concerns me because of the beautiful mane that I had when I was pregnant with Gabriella. I mean, with her it was like gorilla hair growing. I couldn't shave my legs, or miss kitty enough. But of course I looked it up and I saw many different opinions about that. Some of course say that every pregnancy is different and it's normal, I read one that said when you're pregnant with a boy, your body is producing too much testosterone to make hair (which I don't get because wouldn't that make you more hairy?), then I also read that it could be normal but also a sign of a vitamin or nutrient that's missing and I should talk to my doctor. Exactly what I'm going to do on Tuesday.
I promise that i'm smaller in real life... lol
Besides all of the different symptoms, I am still feeling great. My back pain hasn't gone away but I will be seeing a pregnancy chiropractor soon to try to at least get some relief. I finally finished my registry and I will begin to plan my baby shower soon. I have so much on my mind and so many things to do with so little time to do it. So many plans! So much on my mind! Planning Gabriella's 3rd birthday party for December, planning Baby shower for January, planning for baby in February. I guess this is God's way of preparing me for what's to come with 2 children lol.  

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