Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pregnancy Diary: Making My Birth Plan!

I'm pretty sure you all know by now that I am an open book when it comes to letting you all know what goes on with my life. Sharing my pregnancy experiences are no different. Its kinda fun to share with you guys anyway. So today I made my birth plan. I go to the doctor on Monday and he wants me to at least talk about how I would like delivery to go. For help, I went to and printed out their Birth Plan tool. It really does help. Well here is my plan... :)

The Hospital: Baylor Medical Center in Irving
My planned delivery: Through the hole! (Vaginal)
Only thing that might change this is if the baby has complications. I would love to try a natural water birth for my 3rd or 4th child....not right now though. Haha. Its my first time.
I'd be present: Hospital staff only (no students), My mother, My great aunt, and my partner (if he shows up)
During labor I'd like: Music played; Music calms me down. I would like to use my trusty dusty Pandora radio if I feel like I need it. To wear my own clothes; .....come on now. Really need an explanation?
First stage of labor: Id like to do whatever my body is telling me to do. If I want a bath, gimme a bath. If I want to walk around, please let me walk around. If I want to sleep, do not wake me up. :)
For pain relief: Well here is something interesting that I'm doing. I really want to see how long I can go without meds. Sounds crazy I know but I just want to try it. If I'm 8cm dilated and it feels like I'm at 3cm and I'm okay and not screaming my head off and the breathing techniques are working, then I just might, MIGHT, go natural. But if I'm 3cm dilated and it feels like I should be at 8cm, then I want all the meds in the world! The reason I'm doing this is because I am not the type of girl who likes medication. My mother is the type of woman who depends on meds for anything and everything. Not my style. But we'll see :)
During delivery I'd like to: Push as directed (because I'm obviously not a doctor) and be laying down. I cant see how someone can stand up and push...
After delivery: I'd like to hold my baby immediately after, breastfeed as soon as I can, and my family to have unlimited visiting.
My baby's food: Breast milk! :D
Baby's stay: In my room unless an emergency.

Well of course this isn't all of the things on my birth plan papers. Some things were a little too open and I didn't want to scare you guys. But doing this, just makes me feel closer and closer to seeing my baby. I'm so excited. Every day I'm getting bigger and bigger. She's moving alot more and those kicks are getting stronger. The baby shower is a month away. AHHHH! Just alot of excitement and anxiousness going on. :D

Muah! Love you

"Trust that your soul has a plan, and even if you cant see it completely, know that everything will unfold as it is meant to." ~ Deepak Chopra

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stretch Mark Miracle!!!

I can't help myself but to do a blog about beauty. Come on. Its pretty much my life. I live for this s**t ;)
Since I've become pregnant, I have felt....well not so myself. I don't slack off when it comes to at least trying to look good and presentable. But just like everyone else, pregnant or not, I have my days where I'm just like " no makeup today. psssh and my hair that hasn't been brushed since yesterday looks fine." Pregnancy really does take alot out of you. That is something I quickly learned. I barely put on a full set of makeup anymore, I wear yoga pants or sweatpants at least 2-3 times a week, its just a completely different side of me. But of course me being the health and beauty guru that I am, I still kinda experiment with different things that help improve the human canvas (aka the sexy body). Pregnancy beauty problems somehow make "regular" beauty problems a piece of cake to fix. Its extremely harder to fix a situation during pregnancy because you have to be very careful of what you put on your skin and in your body because of the little person inside who is still developing is very very sensitive.
The scariest thing that has happened to my body during pregnancy? No, its not my constant growing stomach. Its STRETCH MARKS!!!!!! Ever since the 7th grade, I've been using cocoa butter to avoid future stretch marks and fade the very few ones I had on my hips. FAILED!It did a good job when I wasn't pregnant, but only gets used on my arms, legs and feet. No use on my "sexy" areas anymore. I was terrified when I woke up one morning and it looked like Freddy Kruger tried to kill my ass and boobs. It was red and scary looking. I looked like I was carrying a disease. Thank God none showed up on my stomach (*knock on wood*...yet). I began to become very discouraged. Me being a model, dancer and someone who likes to show a good amount of skin, stretch marks are horrifying. So I researched and researched and researched until I came up with some solution of my own to treat stretch marks.
Every product that I looked up was either too damn expensive or not safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. I then looked up "natural" ways to fade stretch marks. Some ways were kinda far out like African black soap (that they only sell at certain stores), Aztec powder clay (whatever the hell that is. sounds crazy but I just might try it for the fun of it one day), cooking everything in your kitchen that looks like it may work....yeah right.
So after my research I came up with my own solution. And I promise on my own grave when I say, IT WORKS!

This my friends is all you need. Promise. 
First things first is have some sort of body scrub. Preferably sea salt, but you can use coffee grains or any other body scrub that you like. Try to get something fine grain and gritty instead of the softy ones. But whatever feels comfortable to your skin is fine. My mother used to sell bath salts and make them for people, so that is why I have a whole heap load of scented sea salt sitting in my pantry. I take some of the scrub and mix it up with the soap that is already on my body in the shower, and scrub away! 
Secondly, whenever I get out and dry off, I use Reviva Labs Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion on my boobs, tummy and butt. The same places I used the scrub. This stuff is not hard to find at all. I found it at Kroger. Its only about $7. You can also buy it off Amazon if you are into that. I also use this by itself when I am getting dressed in the morning just for extra work. 
You can try both of these and/or use one buy itself without using both. When you use the scrub by itself, it may dry out your skin just a little bit. If you just use the lotion by itself, it will work but the process takes longer. 
I have been working on this experiment since July. I will never tell someone about something if it wasn't true or didn't work. Trust me. I'm very honest like that. I would have never posted this if it didn't work. I want all people, women and children especially to fulfill their fullest potential. Physically, this means that you have to look your best. Whether you agree with that or not, its the truth. Just saying. :)

Love you all.

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a persons determination." ~ Tommy Lasorda

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pregnancy Diary: Searching for a Pediatrician

It seems like just yesterday that I was 13 weeks pregnant and nauseated out my mind. And now I look up and I only have 3 more months to go. Wow does time pass by fast. Well so far I still feel like a bloated whale, I feel as if I am getting bigger and bigger (which...I am) I am getting more and more tired, it hurts to move at times...just a mess. But hey only 3 more months to go. Lolz
On my pregnancy checklists and apps (yes I have more than 1), it says that now is the time to start looking for a dentist and a pediatrician. Its probably one of the more easier tasks. I would say that finding a dentist or pediatrician that accepts the insurance you have is the challenging part. There is one website that helps me though. Its Trust me it helps. Plus it has a mobile site.
Speaking of mobile sites, I now have to type my blog posts through the blogger app because every time I try to log on to a computer, it does this stupid thing that kinda locks me out of typing anything or editing anything. So if my posts look a little different, bear with me please. Haha it frustrates me.

Love u babies!

"The world is a playground. We know that as kids. But somewhere down the road we forget that." ~Jim Carrey

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gift Ideas for a Girly Virgo Woman! (Happy Birthday Breanna!)

Today was another birthday! My best friend Breanna Gurley celebrated her 18th birthday today. As we start to go into the sign of Libra, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to all the Virgos out there. I hope you had a great birthday.
As usual, I used her sign as a way to figure out what I would get her for her birthday. She's a very education oriented, girly girl type Virgo. Soo...

What Virgo Women Like:
Any type of beauty products (she loves makeup)
Perfume that smells clean and fresh
Little trinkets that they can put in their house
Artistic jewelry
Anything from the heart (she always says "its the thought that counts")

What Girly Girls Like:
Any thing that's in their favorite color! (mostly Pink)

I put all these things together and I gave her....
Customized Bath Salt and a Handwritten Birthday Letter! She loves beauty products and she loves the color pink. I couldn't exactly give her pink bath salts because I was out. So i gave her the next best color. Purple. :) She loved it. We also decorated her locker with tissue paper, wrapping paper, balloons and ribbon and gave her a beautiful white feather boa to wear.

Happy Birthday Gurley! and Happy Birthday to all the Virgos out there!
Love youuuuu!

"Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!" ~ Miley Cyrus 

Pregnancy Diary: Breastfeeding 101

Its only Wednesday! Ugh! I was supposed to publish this post last night but I was sooo tired. I didn't even do that much yesterday. I didn't even do some work I was supposed to do. But I'm here posting this morning about what I did do. I went to a breastfeeding class! I really wanted to take this class because I am pro breast milk! So when my baby comes, I'll be ready. What so many people don't know are the benefits of breastfeeding. Not only is it good for your baby but it does wonders for your body as well. It burns calories so you can get back into shape faster, it helps your boobs not to sag (something we all definitely do not want), and it creates a special bond with your baby.
I went into the lactation consultants classroom and it was surprisingly small.. 2 other women and myself. Maybe because it was an 8:30am class. But I had a great time learning at least the basics before she gets here. I will have another class later on. Dont worry. I'll tell you all about that one too with more details.
Proud to be a breastfeeding mommy! :D

Love you babies!
"Three things are needed for a good life, good friends, good food, and good song." ~ Jason Jebehazy

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby Shower Planning: Themes

Eeeek! Its only a month before my baby shower! :D September flew by so fast and I have been following everything step by step on my checklist trying to prepare. Its actually not at all alot of work, just so much fun. Alot more fun and less stressful than planning a wedding.
Next up on my checklist was choosing a theme. Choosing a theme is also one of those things that are not too hard. Well for one, if you know what u are having, then that should knock off a whole lot of options. If you decide u want a "surprise" or a "gender reveal" then its only just a little harder because you don't want things to be too girlish or boyish. One last factor you consider when choosing a theme is when you are going to have it. You wanna try to always stay in season. You don't want springtime butterflies in the middle of January, or dark colors in April. Ive truly learned my lesson by sticking to a theme by season. My birthday parties in the past were almost never in season. My 13th birthday was an at home Luau, my QuinceaƱera was the day before Halloween and red and diamond themed, and keep in mind my birthday is at the end of October! Hahaha
This time I've taken good advice and considered the season including my baby's gender. Im having a girl so of course me being a proud girl I want pink. My baby shower is November 4, so I didn't really want too much flowers and stuff. So the theme, or color scheme I am choosing is Pink and Chocolate brown. See. In season this time! Lol.
Here are a few "templates" ive picked out. Lemme know what you think.

Until next time my lovey doves!

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get...until you bite into it." ~Forrest Gump

Homecoming Weekend!

Before I became a student at a performing arts school, I was in a normal school district in Red Oak, TX. I was there from 6th grade until 8th grade. Now to most people that isn't a very long time but to me it because I consider that growing up there. Since, 9th grade Ive been going back every year for the homecoming games. I really do have fun because I see everybody again and its a great time to catch up with each other. Even though most of us have contact with each other by Twitter, its just even better to see everyone in person.

Alot of people were excited to see my new baby bump haha. My belly instantly became a hand magnet. Regarding the game (which no one really actually paid any attention to) Red Oak lost.....
At their own homecoming! How embarrassing! They were winning 24 to 7 by the end of the 3rd quarter, so me and my friend Samantha decided to go ahead and leave since we figured they were gonna win and we didn't want to get stuck in the traffic. So our entire group of friends ended up leaving and meeting up at Denny's for a late night meal (including some more Red Oak folk who went to the game and left early). We asked some people "Did Red Oak win?" and they said no!
Damn. Guess they got up and left at 4th quarter like the rest of us did. :P
Well I felt as if I had won because I saw everyone that I missed and I got a nice cup of hot chocolate from Denny's :D
I love you everybody!

"Whatever you give a woman, she will make it greater. Give her sperm, she will give you a baby. Give her a house, she will give you a home. Give her groceries, she will give you a meal. Give her a smile, she will give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what she is given. So if you give her crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!" ~Unknown

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pregnancy Diary: Looking for Child Care

Who would have ever thought that trying to find a good daycare center that fits your needs would be so hard? Its so many places to choose from and price ranges for a newborn are ridiculously high. All of the places I have contacted, the prices range from $270 to $1087 a week....
I'm trying to find one that is in my price range, not "dirty", and close by my school so I can be able to pick her up right away. Its unfortunate for me because I never wanted to send my baby to a daycare center. I would have loved to have a family member take care of her. But hey we cant have everything our way.
Just venting a little and letting everyone know that this is the not so luxe side of my life. :D I am human too.

Love you all!

"As long as there is someone in the sky to protect me, there is no one on Earth who could break me."

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Baby Shower Planning: The Basics

As I revealed to you all this past Thursday, I am expecting a baby girl in December. As with any other big life changing moment, there is a lot of planning going into things. I'm planning a baby budget, planning doctors visits and scheduling them around other things I have to do with work and school, planning when things need to be done by, and most of all planning a much needed baby shower.
For every parent I think a baby shower is necessary. Especially for a single parent like me. A baby shower gives some time for family members and friends to get together and celebrate the fact that you have a new addition coming soon. Whether its your first child or fifth child, you choose a baby shower that fits your needs.
This is my first baby. So there are many reasons behind my shower. As a single teen mom, I need all the help I can get. My family and my baby daddy's family need to get to know each other, and most of all I want to celebrate this new change I am about to experience. Traditionally, someone else plans and puts together the baby shower but...not in my case :) Only my friend, who is also the godmother of Nala, is going to be hosting.

Let's get right to it! The Basics.
First and foremost when planning any party, you have to create the guest list. Some people do not see this step as important and usually hold it off until they decide to send out the invitations. Without making a guest list first, this can throw off a lot of things such as how many invitations you will actually need, and it also goes into play when picking out the venue by helping figure out what size space you need. And believe it or not, the number of guests you have do determine your budget. They determine how many plates, cups, favors, invitations, etc you will need. Don't forget to count your guests! Of course some people may not be able to come but its still a good idea to count them for now until they tell you that they will not be able to make it.
My guest list number for this baby shower: 65

After you have figured out the guest list, by now you have probably thought about in your head a number of things. The type of venue you need to have and the number of supplies you will need to buy. Then comes the budget. After I figured out that I would be needing at least 65 plates, cups, etc, then I looked at websites such as Party City and others to see what that would cost me. Added it all up and then there was my estimate. You can set your budget this way or you can just set an amount you would not like to spend over. Budget isn't really that hard as long as you stick to it and plan accordingly.
My budget for this baby shower: $500

Before you go searching for a venue, you have to decide on the date that you would like to have your event on. When thinking about the date, you have to see what day is convenient for you. For a baby shower date, you don't want to make it too late or too early for your due date. You also want to think about your guests that you know may have something to do. I chose my baby shower date to be on November 4, 2012. I took into consideration what I had to do that week and most importantly I thought about what day would be more comfortable for me and my due date. My birthday would be the week before and the week after deemed stress since I have college showcase at my school.
Another fun fact about baby shower dates, whatever day you choose for your baby shower to be on determines what type of baby shower you might have. Friday and Saturday showers are usually set out for big blowout baby showers. Sundays are of course the low key and short baby showers. I chose mines to be on a Sunday only because this time, I don't want too much and I only want my closest family and friends to get together and get to know each other.
My baby shower date: Sunday, November 4, 2012. :)
Be sure to keep following me on updates and more posts about my baby shower and more.

So that's it for the basics. I am now on my way to go check out my potential venue.

Love you all and take care!

"We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so we can have the life that is waiting for us."
~Joseph Campbell

Friday, September 7, 2012

My first ever riddle poem!

Okay so we had an assignment in my English class where we had to write our own poem but make it into a riddle all at the same time. Well since I'm absolutely terrible at rhyming and poetry I just said what the hell and tried my best anyways. So here is my cheesy poem :D Try to see if you can guess what it is before I tell you...

I am the symbol of glamour,
and only in the common mans world do I cause such clamour.
My shelter seems so simple yet so chic,
but only by the people in la la land do I get picked up at least twice a week.
Not only do I make a drunken princess' walkers stand out from the crowd,
my crimson underbelly speaks so loud.
Any good guesses? Haha Pretty good for an amateur right? (And yes, I know, It's sooo cheesy)
Well speaking of poetry, If you would like to read some decent and not so amature poetry, please go visit my friend Chelsea's poetry blog at
Love you all! Be nice!
P.S. The answer to the riddle is "Christian L. Red Bottom Heels" ;D



Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm Expecting a Baby!!!!!!

Been wondering where I've been? Well I've obviously been having too much sex :P (just joking)
If you have been following my blog then you have probably been wondering why I skip around on posting things a lot. Well the other times I have, I don't really know why myself. But after my last post, I have since then been dealing with being pregnant :D Yes I may only be 17 years old, but for a teen mom, I have been doing pretty damn good for myself and preparing for this baby. The stress of my senior year in high school sure does come but I am managing to get through all of it with all the help I can get. That is one thing I will say to everyone from now on; If you need help, ASK!

Well besides all that and back to the good news, yes I am expecting a baby by December 29, 2012. It's a Girl! Her name will be Nala Alexis Anderson. <3
I can already tell that she will be a big diva/princess just like mommy :) She only kicks for certain people, she likes to tell me when to stop dancing/moving by kicking her foot into my va jay jay, and she loves to dance with me but hates the sound of too noisy people. Yep. Mommy's little girl :)

Well look, I know I have said this at least 2-3 times already but I really do mean it this time. I promise I will try my best to stay blogging. I figured since I really have nothing else to do, I might as well be on here talking to all of you wonderful readers out there. Of course I will put more beauty blogs on here but I will also be telling you all about the things that are going on in my life such as my school stuff, career path, adventures, updates about the baby, good times and bad times of a single parent, anything you can think of I will pretty much put it all on this blog.

I love you all so much <3 -Kortney

"Don’t hate me because I'm good, Hate me because I know it." ~ Aishwarya Rai