Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gabriella's Birth Story

It all started on Wednesday, December 19...
It was after lunchtime and I was on my way downstairs to observe my dance class like I always do. All of a sudden I felt this wet and gooeyness "down there". I looked at my friends and they also could tell something was awkwardly wrong. I speed walked to the restroom to check what just happened. And there it was. My actual mucus plug all over my undies. It looked like someone with a really bad cold sneezed all over it. I wiped it out but bits and pieces kept coming out so I put on a pantie liner. For the rest of the day I constantly felt wet and sticky. So I waited until the end of the day to tell the nurse who is very much like my doctor and mother while I'm at school. When I told her what happened she said "That means your dilating more and labor may start soon." We both got so excited but then I told her that I feel constantly wet. Then she said that I should call my doctor and make sure that I'm not leaking any amniotic fluid. So I called my doctor and he said that I should go to labor and delivery to make sure. I all of a sudden felt anxious and excited all at the same time. All I kept thinking to myself was "Is this it?"
I went to the hospital and checked in to labor and delivery and told them I wanted to make sure I wasn't leaking any fluid. They checked me...and....nothing. I wasn't leaking fluid but I did indeed lose my mucus plug and I dilated to 2 cm  So they sent me home and the waiting game began. So for the next two days I walked, and walked, and stretched and walked just waited to get something started (which I then regretted but we'll get to that later). By Friday I finally just said whatever and made the decision to enjoy my pregnancy as long as I can. So I made myself pregnancy pretty. I shaved (what I could see), I deep conditioned my hair, I even took pics of myself. Little did I know that that would be the last night I get with my beautiful belly.
The last picture I took pregnant. 
I woke up the next morning pretty normal. I felt no special feeling but I was relaxed. Since it was a typical Saturday in my house, I was planning on lounging the day away anyways. But then I started having contractions. At first they were so mild that I thought that they were just Braxton Hicks so I didn't pay any attention to them. Then after a few hours they got stronger. I watched as my stomach tightened up for about a minute and then go away. Something told me to start timing them. So I opened up my recently downloaded Contraction Timer app and started timing them. Some contractions were 5 mins apart, some were 3, even one was 7. So of course I thought they were still just Braxton Hicks. doesn't help that I have a high tolerance for pain. So I got up and did my normal prenatal yoga/stretches while watching Sister Act. The contractions kept getting worse. I couldn't even finish stretching. I sat down and started to time my contractions again. Along with that, I had increased pressure in my pelvic area as if I had to poop. The contractions were at least 3 or 4 mins apart by then. They felt like the worst period cramps in the world. Since I had the constant urge to use the restroom, I went to pee and when I got up there it was...bloody show. I knew it was time. I called my doctor, he told me to go to the hospital. So I grabbed my already packed hospital bag (thank God it was!) and my step dad drove me to the hospital.
I could barely walk up to the front desk because by then I was definitely in labor. The nurse hooked me up to the fetal heart monitor and the contraction monitor  The nurse said that the contractions were almost right on top of each other and that I wasn't going anywhere. I was so excited because it was finally happening. My baby girl was finally about to come. I was in the hospital at about 3:20 pm. I made phone calls and sent out group text messages saying that I was in labor. In a way that was kind of a mistake because some of the responders called right after and it became a bit overwhelming. So for about an hour I was on social media and phone duty all while my contractions killed me. Strong as usual =P. Then I finally put the phone down since it was dying and turned on the TV  The television was not really any help because I was still sort of anxious and phased my the fact that I was there about to have my baby. The nurse came in an hour later to check on how I was doing. I dilated to 3 1/2 cm. I asked when was I going to get the epidural and she said I would have to wait until I was 4 cm but she gave me something for the pain in the meantime. It was some drug that was put in my iv and boy did it make me feel so high as if I was at a pot house. It kind of eased away the pain but other than that it just made me feel fluffy and happy.
After at least 45 mins I was ready to get an epidural. The guy and the nurse came in and set me up. I had to hunch over and my bed was raised pretty high. I started to get scared because of the horror stories I have heard about the needle being so big. Please don't listen to those stories. The man who gave me the epidural was so nice and he said that its only going to feel like a Texas size bee sting. It wasn't even that. It was just a little pinch like a regular shot. After that, you feel absolutely nothing. When he was finally done, they laid me down and waited for it to kick in. I felt relaxed and I finally got like 2 hours of rest. When the nurse came back to check on me, it was time to push.
I pushed for about 45 minutes to an hour, so it went by pretty fast. Before I started pushing, I had to put my hand on my stomach one more time. It hit me that this was the last time where its just me. My doctor told me that she had a bowel movement in utero which was not good at all. So he called in the NICU nurses so he could make sure she was okay when she came out. Doctor Weix had to perform an episiotomy to make more room for her to get out. Of course I wasn't too happy about that. Before I knew it, there she was. I  first saw her little arm and hand go up and heard her cry. I burst into tears as they brought her to her bed to clean her off and check her out. My baby girl. My beautiful precious angel of a baby girl was finally here. Doctor stitched me up but I could barely pay attention because my eyes were on her the entire time and all I wanted to do was hold her.

Gabriella Alexis Anderson 

Born on December 22, 2012
@ 10:59 pm

7 pounds
19 1/2 Inches

I will write another blog on my postpartum/post-birth experience but for right now I just wanted to reflect on everything from pregnancy to this moment...
This 9 month journey really hasn't been easy. I have cried so many times and felt lonely because I was doing this all by myself. But along with those not so good moments, I have also had a lot of great and wonderful moments. I can tell you that I sat in my recovery room just sitting there thinking back from the moment I found out I was pregnant, to when I gave birth and every other moment in between. Even though I cried, I feel extremely blessed. God has given me the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for and He has brought me through so much. I mean come on. I am 18 years old, a senior in high school, no job, baby daddy is away, most of my family is 3 hours away in Louisiana so I have very limited help, I have family problems, I have demons from the past that I am still trying to deal with, but with all of that going on I am doing a damn good job so far of taking care of my baby and other things I need to take care of and I thank God for it. 
So to all of you my beautiful readers and followers, please make sure nobody tells you that you cant do something or that its impossible. Because trust me, everything is possible. 
Proud Mommy

I'll put the link to my Picasa album to see all the pictures I have of her down below. Of course keep following this blog, me on Twitter and Instagram for more fun and updates. The fun has only begun! More fun blogs and exciting news to come. I plan on showing you all my weight loss journey, my modelling journey, my journey to graduation, personal journeys, holiday journeys, vacation journeys, of course journeys with Gabby and I, and any other journeys you can think of! 
Wanna see how my belly blew up? I have an entire album showing my pregnancy week by week.
Week by Week with Gabby

More fun to come!
Keep the faith.

"A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on." ~ Carl Sandburg
"No one can imagine their life having their own children. But when they are born, no one can imagine life without them."~ Unknown 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pregnancy Diary: Patiently Waiting...

At 37 weeks:
At my doctors visit, which was last Monday, he said that I was thinning out and that I've dilated 1 cm. So that meant that baby could have came last week or she could make an appearance next week.
At 38 weeks (which is now):
Baby still hadn't came. So then at my last doctors visit, he said I was completely thinned out, I even lost my mucus plug, but I was still only 1 cm dilated!

I really am trying to be patient and occupy myself so I did quite a few things since the last time I blogged:

1. I stocked up on her essentials.
As you all may know, Im a pretty organized and proud neat freak. I seriously cannot do a single thing without a checklist or writing it down in my planner. So over the weekend I went to Target with my mom and we bought everything that we still needed. The thing is, we didn't really know what we still needed. My mom had already ordered a huge supply of diapers from that would last her throughout all her "newborn stage". So we were good on that, but still needed to know what else. Thankfully, thanks to my favorite baby websites, and, they had checklists of essentials for baby. So I printed out the list and we spent at least $175 at Target on just things for baby. Not bad.
Checklist: Baby Essentials -

2. I packed my hospital bag.

Thanks again to the checklist, I finally packed for my trip to the hospital. The most fun part about it was that I got to choose what baby will wear going home :)
Checklist: Packing A Hospital Bag -

3. I finally finished her side of the room.
Since I still live with my family, we agreed to have baby sleep in my room since I want her close to me.  But our house isn't a mansion so my room is a little matchbox. No room for a crib, only a bassinet and barely fit for a playpen.  One of my friends who had a bassinet ready for me took too long to bring it to me so my mom bought a playpen. We had to squeeze it in but it works and I love it!
4. I washed all of her clothes and organized them some more.
2 of my good friends had just recently had babies and thank God they were girls too. So of course I got plenty of hand me down newborn clothes from them. So I washed them with Dreft laundry detergent which is safe for babies skin and smells soooo good. After I washed all of the clothes I separated them from things she got from the baby shower and the hand me downs. I put away some of the hand me downs in a separate basket because I either didn't like the clothes or they were too springtime-ish since their babies were born during the summer. But I actually had a great time going through all of it because I know that she will be wearing that stuff pretty soon and I felt comfort knowing that she has more than enough clothes to last her throughout her newborn stage.

As you can see I have been keeping myself pretty occupied. I just really cannot wait until she get here though. I technically have 10 more days until my official due date, but I have a feeling that she will come sooner (I hope so).

38 Weeks and 3 Days
1 cm dilated and 100% effaced

Patiently Waiting and Fingers Crossed!

"We must see things for how they are instead of how we hope, wish, or expect them to be." ~ Unknown

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Tonight was the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show that I always watch every year. I was overall sort of satisfied. It wasn't as interesting as it usually is. The beginning could have been just a little better even though I did like the Circus theme. When Rihanna came out I really couldn't keep my eyes on the screen. I found myself looking away a lot. The fashions didn't really make sense to me and the fact that I don't really like Rihanna just made it worse (sorry to all you Rihanna fans out there. I'm just not interested. I like the "long hair" her). One of my favorite parts of the show was the Calendar Girls theme. The outfits were so interesting and my favorites were the Christmas and the Cheerleader one. Oh yea, and Justin Bieber did an amazing job when he sang "As long as you love me". =) The Pink section is usually not my favorite because its too colorful for my taste but this year I actually loved it. It was really cute and I think that the song just made it even better because it fit so well. Another one of my absolute favorites was the Silver Screen Angels. Of course I love anything with diamonds and sparkles =D Luxury is my thing! Duh! Then Rihanna came back on and I  kinda stopped watching. Lol.
I've always loved stuff from Victoria's Secret so I try to watch every year. Well this was my mini review of the show =)


"Maturity is putting a process between opportunity and decision." ~ Unknown

Pregnancy Diary: Nesting Time!

This past weekend I went into crazy mode. Well... most people would call it "nesting". Nesting, according to Mama's, is the term used to refer to an expectant mother’s instinct which gives her a surge of energy which prompts her to clean and do various chores around her home. Nesting usually arises as the mother nears her due date. And since I am 36 weeks, obviously my time is now. Lol. So I started off the day by cleaning out my dressers and making a completely separate drawer for her socks, bows, hats, and some of her clothes that didn't come with hangers. Then I moved on to my closet.... which was a bit challenging in a way since I do use my closet space for everything but I moved out all my "extras" or casual clothes out and made it exclusive to my dresses, coats and baby's clothes. I was surprised at how many coats and jackets I have... hmm. Not surprised by the number of dresses though. I love my dresses from my pageant ones to my clubbing ones. But anyways... I then organized my shoes (which I tend to do every 3-4 months or whenever I get a new pair) at the bottom of the closet, and after that, I decided that the middle space of the closet would be baby's clothes and I hung everything up.

When I was done with all of that, my step dad was ready to start painting. Since I obviously can't be around the fumes for too long, I preoccupied myself by doing more cleaning and organizing of other rooms. I started on the game room, which will soon be her play room. I organized, hung up pictures, cleaned the windows (!!! I was really that dazed!!!) and vacuumed. I started to put in the outlet protectors but I just didn't. Lol I was serious nesting! Then I moved to the bathroom and put all her baby shampoo and baby wash and baby lotion and bath accessories in the cabinet.
Before I knew it, the painting was done. I got so excited just looking at it and I almost got emotional. By that time, I wore myself out. Baby wouldn't stop kicking me and my feet were starting to swell. Thankfully my room was done so I laid back and watched the Cowboys vs. the Eagles game for a while until I built up the energy to get back up again. But I'm still not done! Unfortunately, my hospital bag isn't even packed yet (blog post coming as soon as I do that) and I still don't have some of her essential things (another blog post to come). So we are going to do all of that hopefully this weekend. I'm just so ready and excited about my baby girl.

I went to the doctor today and he said that she would weigh around 7 pounds when she is born and that I am more then likely to deliver at 38-39 weeks...which is in 2 weeks! I'm so ready! Soooo ready! Nervous just a little bit...but ready :)
Keep watching and reading as the weeks fast approach. And don't forget to vote in my baby naming poll! (Link Below) Vote for your favorite name on what I should name her :)

Gotta go. My feet and hands are getting puffy =/ (That means its time to go to sleep) See ya!

"There are 10 ways to love: Listen, Speak, Give, Pray, Answer, Share, Enjoy, Trust, Forgive, Promise." ~Will Smith