Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a very fun and blessed Thanksgiving. I know I did. I did plenty of fun things. I finally got my toes done with my best friend and god mother of my daughter, Alexis. We got the deluxe! It was sooo worth it!
Both of our feet have been tired out from dance and of course my problem, pregnancy feet. We deserved it. Afterwards we went out to eat at Ton's Mongolian Grill. It was delicious. But they give you so much food that you can't even eat it all. I felt bad giving my plate to the waitress because I was so sad that I was wasting food. But I got ice cream afterwards though :)
We were going to go see Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 but I am not allowed to see it yet because I haven't watched Eclipse :-/ Oh well. Maybe next time. After she dropped me off at home I started packing for my last and final trip to Shreveport, Louisiana. My doctor said it would be okay for me to travel since it is only 3 hours away. He said, "Anything farther than that, I would have said no to." Since it is getting so close to my due date, the trip would be my last until after baby comes.

My aunt Monica came to pick me up the next morning for our trip. I am actually surprised that I only had to stop to pee twice in a 3 hour period. And that I actually stayed awake the entire time. As soon as we made it to my Granny's house I pulled out some food and sat back and watched TV. It was officially "Kortney's Lazy Time" from there on out. I was so happy to be there because not only did I deserve my lazy time, but because I was so afraid that I would not have gotten to go anywhere for Thanksgiving since my step-dad's side of the family all went to Miami and my mother's side all lives in Shreveport.
So Thanksgiving was great. The food (as always) was off the chain delicious and my family (for once) had no family feuds! Whew! Although there were too many kids in the house for my liking -__- They screamed too much to the point that I almost lost my mind a little bit. Also the Cowboys lost which was kind of sad :( Our Thanksgiving was also kind of cut short since it we were still getting ready for yet another big event... No not my baby coming... but BLACK FRIDAY!!! My family and I take Black Friday seriously! Unfortunately we didn't have as much fun as we usually do since I'm pregnant I had to stay home, my mother wasn't there to contribute, and my aunt Ashley works at JC Penny so she had to be there to check out the mad house. So it was only 2 people who went; My aunt Monica and my great aunt Baye. But I just kept thinking to myself that next year would be the year I would be waiting in line to buy stuff for my own baby :)
Saturday was the annual Bayou Classic football game against Grambling State University and Southern University. I started watching during the halftime show (which is the most entertaining anyway). The majority of my family went to Southern and only my Granny went to Grambling. So it was pretty interesting watching it with everyone. The next day was bittersweet. It was time for us to be heading back to Texas. Of course I never like leaving my hometown but I told my family that the next time you see me, I will have a little baby with me, and this time not in my stomach. :)
I am literally just waiting around and watching the days go by. My little angel could come at any minute now.
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I love you guys and thanks for being someone I can talk to <3

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Baby Shower!

It really has been a busy week for me. I have been so tired and so exhausted that every time I came home I crashed right into bed. So forgive me for making you all wait this long to hear about the baby shower.

All day Saturday, we cleaned and cleaned until we all eventually crashed out at about 11 pm. It was me, my 2 little sisters, my step dad and my mother (who didn't really help that much since she slept most of the time) cleaning up the entire house for the baby shower. My friend, and god-mother to the baby, Alexis, didn't come over until about 10:30 pm since she had to work. We still got a lot done though. She helped with the favors and the decorations which we didn't finish until 11 something at night.
The next morning, the day of the shower, thankfully I didn't wake up to chaos. I woke up in a very calm mood and did what I always do; make a mental list of things that needed to be done before 1 o'clock. My aunt Ashley form Shreveport called me at 9 am and said that they would get here around 10. Perfect! I still had some last minute stuff to get and having them all here would be a huge help. Alexis and I waited around for an hour for them to come. So we showered, made more lists, made sure everything was in place, and then my family finally came. I showed them what needed to be done and things we still needed to get, and we all set out in 3 separate cars because they each had a task. My step dads job was to go get the ice, trash bags, and anything else we called him about; Alexis went to get the cake and cupcakes, and things that she forgot; and my Aunt and I went to get balloons, more stuff for the favors and food for everyone since we were all hungry and couldn't wait until the baby shower to eat. We were all gone for a good 2 hours. When we came back home, the rest of my family had already set up everything which was perfect.

I knew we weren't going to have enough time to do that when we got back anyway. Besides, I still needed to get ready and we only had a couple of hours to do so. I went upstairs and got ready, then my friend Chelsea, who was in charge of the games, finally came and set up everything for the games and prizes. As she always does, Chelsea had everything under control from there on out. She went downstairs and greeted everyone while I was still getting my hair done by Alexis. I finally had a chance to bask in this moment of my baby shower. It seems like just the other day I revealed to everyone that I was pregnant. Now here I am having a baby shower for her with just one more month to go before she gets here. Before you know it, I will be dedicating her in church, spending my first summer with her, picking out her first Halloween costume, and planning her first birthday party. (Ugh i'm crying now). It's so unreal how life quickly passes you by...

When I finally came downstairs to the party, everyone was there. Of course me and baby had to make a late entrance. We're just fabulous like that. I was so happy to see everyone and I already saw how many gifts were on the gift table (which was a ton!). Everyone was eating, chatting and playing their first game which was the "How well do you know baby?" crossword puzzle that Chelsea made. It was so fun to watch them try to guess the answers. Then after everyone else showed up, we played another game. It was a matching game where you had to guess which word (which was in another language or a term for a baby animal) matched with the other. Again it was so funny to watch them try and guess which ones go with the other. Everyone Googled everything. As they got cake I went upstairs and hid so they wouldn't see what I was wearing. They then had to guess and remember what I had on to win a prize. As they ate their dessert we had room for one more game. The Celebrity Baby Scoop Game where they had to guess which baby belonged to which celebrity. It was hard to eliminate people because they knew so much about celebrities and their babies. 

Then it was gift opening time. OMG! She is already spoiled just like her mommy =). She has plenty of clothes and plenty of essential things for when she gets here, lots and lots of passies, 2 diaper bags and more blankets and bottles than I could ever imagine.

I had so much fun at my baby shower and I am so thankful for the people who came. It shows me the  people who really do care and I thank God for them. If you want to see more pictures from the baby shower, go to my Picasa Web page or click the "Baby Shower Album" link below.

Baby Shower Album

Love you all so much!

"When you have nothing left but God, then for the first time, you become aware that God is enough." ~ Maude Royden

Friday, November 2, 2012

My Birthday Weekend and Baby Update

So yea I know I am very late on writing like half of this post (my birthday was this past Sunday). But forgive me because I have been so busy with everything lately and on top of that, very tired and pregnant.
Well, my birthday was a pretty good day. I ended up going to Shreveport to visit my family which was great for me because I wasn't really sure when was the next time I would see them besides at the baby shower. It was pretty much just a chill and family oriented birthday. I woke up to a nice birthday breakfast and everyone singing happy birthday to me. Then we all just kind of chilled out and watched TV... and I ended up taking a nap. I woke up and they said come to the kitchen and it was a beautiful birthday cake and candles and cards waiting for me :) For gifts, I got a whole lot of money! We then ended up going to the State Fair of Louisiana and spent about an hour there because I couldn't stand just walking around so much and all the smells from different foods mixed in together. Overall I just had a really nice birthday spent with my family.

As soon as we got back to Texas, my busy week began and it sure was a very busy week. So busy that Monday and Tuesday, I ended up wearing my body out. I threw up, got overheated, dizzy and lightheaded. I spent all of the rest of Tuesday just sleeping. It really did help because for Wednesday, Halloween, I was back. Just in time. My costume was a Thing 1 and Thing 2 costume where of course baby was Thing 2 =D
I spent my Halloween watching Hocus Pocus and passing out candy since I can't really walk around too much.

Back to the busy part. So many people have not RSVP'd for the baby shower. So I tweeted and told everyone that they needed to do that ASAP because they will not be counted for a plate. This weekend, starting tomorrow, we are gonna go buy the last minute things we need and clean up the house and stuff. Whew! A lot has been put into this baby shower and I just hope it turns out great. Be looking for a blog post soon about how the baby shower went! Also remember to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @kortneyofficial for even more fun.

Baby is 32 Weeks Now! I just keep getting closer and closer!

Love you all!

"The way I see it, you should live everyday like it's your birthday." ~Paris Hilton