Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Tonight was the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show that I always watch every year. I was overall sort of satisfied. It wasn't as interesting as it usually is. The beginning could have been just a little better even though I did like the Circus theme. When Rihanna came out I really couldn't keep my eyes on the screen. I found myself looking away a lot. The fashions didn't really make sense to me and the fact that I don't really like Rihanna just made it worse (sorry to all you Rihanna fans out there. I'm just not interested. I like the "long hair" her). One of my favorite parts of the show was the Calendar Girls theme. The outfits were so interesting and my favorites were the Christmas and the Cheerleader one. Oh yea, and Justin Bieber did an amazing job when he sang "As long as you love me". =) The Pink section is usually not my favorite because its too colorful for my taste but this year I actually loved it. It was really cute and I think that the song just made it even better because it fit so well. Another one of my absolute favorites was the Silver Screen Angels. Of course I love anything with diamonds and sparkles =D Luxury is my thing! Duh! Then Rihanna came back on and I  kinda stopped watching. Lol.
I've always loved stuff from Victoria's Secret so I try to watch every year. Well this was my mini review of the show =)


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