Saturday, March 22, 2014

My New Job!

So if you haven't known already, I of course graduated in November from beauty school as an Esthetician or informerly a skin care specialist. I took my written exam but I have yet to take my practical exam which gives me my actual license. (Don't worry. I do plan on taking care of that very soon.) 
Since then, I have gotten a job working at Victoria's Secret. Ive been there for 4 months now and I can say the only reason I like working there is because its one of my favorite stores and the benefits are great. 
The pay was okay but since I still want more things, I got a second job...
I am a waitress at Ojos Locos Sports Bar and Cantina! 

Ojos Locos is the "Mexican Hooters". Its a breastaurant. Ive always wanted to work somewhere where I can be sexy and be myself. Ive been here for a month now and I can definitely say I love it here and i'll be staying for as long as I can. Every day is so much fun, and the tips are out of this world. I can now afford more things for Gabby and myself, I have more money to save, I even treated myself to a much needed Spring Break Trip. I love my new job. Absolutely love it. Breastaurants rock! 

Hope to see you there! Everyone is always welcome to come visit me! <3