Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pregnancy Diary: Nesting Time!

This past weekend I went into crazy mode. Well... most people would call it "nesting". Nesting, according to Mama's Health.com, is the term used to refer to an expectant mother’s instinct which gives her a surge of energy which prompts her to clean and do various chores around her home. Nesting usually arises as the mother nears her due date. And since I am 36 weeks, obviously my time is now. Lol. So I started off the day by cleaning out my dressers and making a completely separate drawer for her socks, bows, hats, and some of her clothes that didn't come with hangers. Then I moved on to my closet.... which was a bit challenging in a way since I do use my closet space for everything but I moved out all my "extras" or casual clothes out and made it exclusive to my dresses, coats and baby's clothes. I was surprised at how many coats and jackets I have... hmm. Not surprised by the number of dresses though. I love my dresses from my pageant ones to my clubbing ones. But anyways... I then organized my shoes (which I tend to do every 3-4 months or whenever I get a new pair) at the bottom of the closet, and after that, I decided that the middle space of the closet would be baby's clothes and I hung everything up.

When I was done with all of that, my step dad was ready to start painting. Since I obviously can't be around the fumes for too long, I preoccupied myself by doing more cleaning and organizing of other rooms. I started on the game room, which will soon be her play room. I organized, hung up pictures, cleaned the windows (!!! I was really that dazed!!!) and vacuumed. I started to put in the outlet protectors but I just didn't. Lol I was serious nesting! Then I moved to the bathroom and put all her baby shampoo and baby wash and baby lotion and bath accessories in the cabinet.
Before I knew it, the painting was done. I got so excited just looking at it and I almost got emotional. By that time, I wore myself out. Baby wouldn't stop kicking me and my feet were starting to swell. Thankfully my room was done so I laid back and watched the Cowboys vs. the Eagles game for a while until I built up the energy to get back up again. But I'm still not done! Unfortunately, my hospital bag isn't even packed yet (blog post coming as soon as I do that) and I still don't have some of her essential things (another blog post to come). So we are going to do all of that hopefully this weekend. I'm just so ready and excited about my baby girl.

I went to the doctor today and he said that she would weigh around 7 pounds when she is born and that I am more then likely to deliver at 38-39 weeks...which is in 2 weeks! I'm so ready! Soooo ready! Nervous just a little bit...but ready :)
Keep watching and reading as the weeks fast approach. And don't forget to vote in my baby naming poll! (Link Below) Vote for your favorite name on what I should name her :)

Gotta go. My feet and hands are getting puffy =/ (That means its time to go to sleep) See ya!

"There are 10 ways to love: Listen, Speak, Give, Pray, Answer, Share, Enjoy, Trust, Forgive, Promise." ~Will Smith

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