Sunday, October 12, 2014

TRY! - October 12th 2014

Hello there sexy people! ;)

Hope you all are enjoying your local Fall weather. Haha! Its been stormy and getting pretty cool here in Dallas. (I need a new umbrella for all this rain!). Good thing I already went shopping for the weather ;)
But this weather of course really just makes me want to cuddle up and stay at home and watch movies and eat comfort foods. 
This weeks TRY: Be lazy!
Seems simple right? It's alot harder than it sounds, especially if you're a parent. 
But we all need to find the time to truly go with the flow. Work, run errands only if necessary, and go home! If something comes up, do it of course, but relax. We're so busy trying to find something to do in the summer right? Parties, cookouts, pool parties, beach, vacations, parties, parties and more parties. Fall is about family as well as home. Enjoy it. Its only here for another 2 months! 


Friday, August 22, 2014

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone!
I missed you all. I had a nice and quick summer and I hope you all enjoyed yours as well. Below I will attach my Summer 2014 Picasa album (please be patient for all the uploads. The app is stupid and slow) for all of you to see what me and Gabby have been up to all summer. We've been to the zoo, to Shreveport for the 4th of July, celebrated my dad's 41st birthday, Went swimming way too much and so much more.  Now I am done with my blogging break and now its time to get busy! :D

Summer 2014 Album

Now as I'm sure we are all aware of now, it's only FOUR MORE MONTHS OF 2014! It sounds so scary when I typed that. I've definitely noticed that the older I get, the quicker time flies. And when you have a child it makes things go by even faster (my baby is almost 2 years old!). Over the summer I have picked up some new addictions. Haha. One of them is Pinterest. Oh how I LOVE Pinterest. I'm not really a DIY kind of person but I like the fact that I can get ideas on just about anything. From parties (ya'll know I love a good party), costumes, food and dessert recipes,  makeup, Holiday crafts, clothes, and I even use it for my photoshoot ideas. My second new addiction is Bath and Body Works. Yes I know. Who already isn't a BBW fan, right? Well it took me a while but I love to buy their scents for each of their monthly "themes". Which leads me to my last addiction; "monthly buys". I go to Victoria's Secret like every 2 weeks for their monthly specials as well as Bath and Body Works. I get my nails done monthly and also all of my waxes. Lol sounds silly but trust me its so worth it. And surprisingly it helps me save a lot of money, That way I'm not walking into the store DAILY to see what's the deals and end up buying things I do not need.

On top of my new addictions there has also of course been some changes in the life of Kortney and Gabriella. Claude has decided to go back to school...out of state. Which leaves me and Gabby pretty much on our own. Which sucks but with God's help and my hard work, we'll be fine. I now work the day shift at my job which means a little less money for me but I'm still managing.
Since Claude decided to move away, it got me thinking about some really important stuff. Why can he go fulfill his dreams but I can't? It's definitely gonna be harder because I have Gabby with me but I have decided it's time to go for my dreams too. While I still can, you know. Time is going by fast and I don't want to hold back and make any more excuses of why I can't do something anymore. I know for a fact that it's my time.

Now for my blog! I know that I haven't been putting in the best time for my blog but I'm adding new things to it. To show you guys what I bought for the month from my "Monthly Buys", I will be posting them :D. Another thing...Every week I will post something called a "Try This". Over the summer I have made it a goal to do something new with my toddler every weekend. Just to beat sitting at home being lazy. Not saying that sometimes that's exactly what we need after a hard week but we all need to get out and explore this earth and God's treasures a lot more. We all need to get out! Lol.

Well that's all for now!
If you want more of me and Gabby daily, you know where to find me! On Instagram and Twitter @KortneyOfficial (I do not have Facebook)

Let's finish this year off with goals being achieved. It will carry over into next year! ;)



Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014!

Happy Father's Day!
 I hope everyone enjoyed spending the day with the fabulous men in their life. Baby daddies, daddies, grandpas, mommies, etc. Thank God for all of them.

I'm pretty sure you are wondering from my last post what I got my dads in my life.

My biological dad: I feel kind of bad but not too much. I didn't even send a txt message. =/ I'll catch him on the next holiday.

The guy who raised me (My daddy): Me and Gabby got him a card of course (I love hallmark cards) and he got a dinner from his favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. I love my dad!

My baby daddy (Claude/ Gabby's Daddy): Gabriella got one of those handprint cards and had so much fun with that. He loved it! I didn't have enough to give him his gift right away but I told him I would give it to him before he leaves to New York next week. ;)

I feel so much better right now, (I'm typing on the desktop computer again.) Feels like old times. *sigh* Which was not that long ago of course. Lol. But it sure does feel like it. I can't wait to have my own laptop again. I should be getting one really soon ;)

Happy Pappy's Day!


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Father's Day Gifts and Anticipation

Its so sad that Fathers don't get the most lavish gifts and pomp and circumstance for Father's Day like mothers do on Mother's Day. I really think it should be equal (if they deserve it of course). 

This year I want to give my dad and baby daddy thinks they actually want and need. My dad has done alot for me not only in the last year but since he married my mom and became a true father to me. So I finally can give him a really great gift. 
Claud has been a great daddy to Gabriella of course. So I am also gonna give him something good too. 

Not gonna reveal what I'm getting them! I'll post it later :) 

Time to go shopping!!!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!! 

This year was my second Mother's Day and I did absolutely nothing lol. *Kanye shrug* Oh well. I enjoyed being lazy today. 
My gift from my mommy and Gabby was a bad ass pair of wedges! 

Now the gift I got my mommy was pretty bad ass too. I got her the necessary basics of course; the cards from myself and her granddaughter. I let Gabby scribble on her card so it could be like her signature. But the main present was from Victoria's Secret. I got her a matching bra and panty set from the Body by Victoria collection and as an added bonus at check out, I got a free angel necklace for spending over $75. Woohoo! She of course loved all her gifts. 

Well thats it. Lol I seriously did nothing today. Haha. But I enjoyed it. 

Happy Mother's Day! 


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gabby's New Sleep Routine

Of course, getting her off the passie is way harder than I thought. Shes definitely    not using it as much anymore. But she sometimes cannot sleep without it. Oh well. Its just gonna have to be like that until shes 18 months old. So one more month! 
But as far as her sleep schedule goes, its now on "Toddler Time". Her new bedtime is 8pm/8:30pm. 
Our routine is simple of course and similar to her baby sleep schedule. 

First I give her a bath. I like to keep bath time short and sweet. Dump all the toys in the tub, add bubbles then add Gabby. I immediately wash her, then wash her hair if needed, and then shes out. Shes still too young in my opinion for actual bath toys.

After her bath, we go to the room to dry off, lotion up then put her pj's on. All while we do that, the lights are off and I only have the lamp and night light on so she knows its time to quiet down.

Now after the last step, either one or two things happen depending on her energy. 

1. I let her "blow off steam" or as Yo Gabba Gabba says, "Get the sillies out". I let her play with toys while I get our stuff ready for the next day. And when I'm done, I put her in the bed and let her go to sleep. 
2. I lay down with her until she falls asleep. Then i'll do what I have to for the next day. 

Its really simple compared to her baby schedule. I don't play music for her anymore because she'll start dancing. Lol  

Shes growing so fast. 
Time goes by so quickly. 
Enjoy every single moment. 


Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Mother's Day 2014 gift planning

Last year was my first Mother's Day and I think that it was just all so new to me, that I kinda didn't know what to do. Sit back and wait for the gifts or still give to other mommies...well of course due to my loving personality i'm definitely giving back because last year just didn't feel right to me. All I want this year is a nice dinner. :) 
But for my own mommy, I want to give her something useful and heartfelt. For something heartfelt, of course a card with a handwritten message in it will do for that. Something useful....hmmmm. Lol. 
Claude's mom, Mrs. Karen, had a birthday yesterday and I wanted to kind of give her the same thing. Something I know shes going to use. So I got her a sleep shirt from Victoria's Secret. :) Since I worked there, I know that they have everything there and its all good quality. 
But, I don't want to give my mom pj's. Shes like me...we don't wear any. Lol ;) ;P 
So I'm debating whether or not to give her a nice bra, a bundle of panties, or just get her a sleepshirt and pray she wears it. Haha. 

Hmm. Decisions. Decisions. :)


Told ya I would start blogging more. ;) I keep my promises. Promise. <3

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New Season, New Plans.

Okay so this past Easter I had a wake up call. I told myself that this year I'm going full force to pursuing my dreams. Well....If you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans. 
He definitely woke me up and opened my eyes to some things. But the two things he definitely made clear to me were, 1. Seek Him first before you do ANYTHING. Because without God, it will fail. And 2. What he says goes. Do what he says or else. Haha. I don't mean to scare you guys or anything but its the truth. So after a week of thinking and praying and asking him to show me what it is He wants me to do, I've had a change in plans... (Ugh i'd never thought i'd say this, but) I'm going back to school. I'm going for secondary education to become a high school history teacher. 
Why high school? I get along with teenagers. (I might do Jr High but more then likely I'm gonna do High School)
Why history? I love it and I know alot about it. (I'm not good at math so....yea)
Why teaching? Because I love people and I love to help people out and make them feel special. 
Now don't get me wrong, I'm still going to pursue my dreams of modeling and entertainment. Thats in my heart to do. :) 

Until next time my loves. And if you want to find out what it is that God wants you to do, just ask him in prayer! :D 


Friday, April 4, 2014

Getting Gabby off the Passie! Part 1

To pacify means to soothe. 
Pacifier means the soother. 
Ever since 1900, pacifers, binkies, soothies, and or passies, have kept babies and toddlers calm and gave parents a little sanity when it comes to cries and temper tantrums. 
But of course, everything good usually comes with bad. Passies can create crooked teeth and more dental problems and most of all, they are addicting. Especially if you we're like me and decided to breastfeed your baby. So pretty much its like a baby cigarette. 
Gabby had a 15 month dental checkup a couple weeks ago and we discovered that she had an underbite. Her dentist of course said that if its not better by the time shes 2 years old, then there will need to be some adjusting. Damn you passie! So me and Claude decided we should go ahead and start weening her off the pacifier. 
We knew that this process was gonna be hard so we thought about it and gave everything a reasonable time limit and reasonable rule.
Our rules until shes about 18 months:

1. No passie for recreation. She can only have it on her when its bedtime and naptime. 
We thought that this would be a good and reasonable rule. She never slept without it anyway. 

2. Just in case and for emergency use only, hide it in the diaper bag. If we're out in public and she seriously starts acting a fool to the point where we cant stand it anymore, give it to her. But only until shes calm and quiet do we hide it back. 
No explanation needed for this rule. Aint nobody got time for that. :-P

Our plan is to follow these rules until shes 18 months. After that, we honestly don't know just yet whether we're going to cut it off completely or give it to her once a day, but of course we'll play it by ear. 

So far its been 2 weeks since we've cut down passie. Ive noticed alot of bad habits formed over it and I seriously wish I would have taken her off sooner. When the passie falls out of her mouth when shes sleep, I just take it out therefore she won't have it when she wakes up. But when I do that, I notice she grinds her teeth together. Ugh! She still has the feeling of that passie in her mouth. Thats probably whats contributing to her underbite jaw. Another thing is, when shes fussy, she constantly looks for it and won't stop crying until she finds something else to distract her. Whew! This might be tougher than I thought. 

No more passie!

Make sure you follow our passie journey and many other journies and big happenings here on my blog, on my Instagram, and my Twitter! 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My New Job!

So if you haven't known already, I of course graduated in November from beauty school as an Esthetician or informerly a skin care specialist. I took my written exam but I have yet to take my practical exam which gives me my actual license. (Don't worry. I do plan on taking care of that very soon.) 
Since then, I have gotten a job working at Victoria's Secret. Ive been there for 4 months now and I can say the only reason I like working there is because its one of my favorite stores and the benefits are great. 
The pay was okay but since I still want more things, I got a second job...
I am a waitress at Ojos Locos Sports Bar and Cantina! 

Ojos Locos is the "Mexican Hooters". Its a breastaurant. Ive always wanted to work somewhere where I can be sexy and be myself. Ive been here for a month now and I can definitely say I love it here and i'll be staying for as long as I can. Every day is so much fun, and the tips are out of this world. I can now afford more things for Gabby and myself, I have more money to save, I even treated myself to a much needed Spring Break Trip. I love my new job. Absolutely love it. Breastaurants rock! 

Hope to see you there! Everyone is always welcome to come visit me! <3


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014!

All I wanted was some damn flowers. Lol. Obviously I didnt get them this year. Oh well I got lots of chocolate and candy to make up for it. Gabriella got pajamas. For some reason, I'm obsessed with pj's for her. I went into JCP and saw the entire pajama section and had to control myself lol. 

Its been so long since i've been on an actual date. :( I havent been loved properly haha. Next year for V-Day its gonna be better though. I just didnt want much this year. I wanted to chill out and get a nap since I have 2 jobs now. ;) New post about that coming soon. 

Happy Valentine's Day Lovlies! 
Remember that this day is about showing love to everyone and not just for couples. Be nice and show everyone love always. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Did you keep your promises for 2014?

January is over already?! Wow! (Happy Chinese New Year by the way). It seems like the older we get, the faster time flies. 
With that said, have you given up on your "resolutions" or promises already? If you have, its okay. Just pick it back up. Its nothing wrong with that. You have to do something at least 25 times consistently to make it a habit. 
And if you haven't, keep up the good work! Ive been doing pretty good myself. I'm still working out, my job is going okay (I'm switching jobs soon though.), my daughter is well taken care of and lots more. 
January is usually a time for adjustment for me. Last year I of course was adjusting to being a new mommy and a new life of becoming a parent. This year I was working on getting everything back on track for my career and my family and social life (which has been almost non existent since I graduated from esthetics school lol). Now that winter is about to be over in about a month or so, alot of events are going to start back up. Yay! So i'll definitely keep you guys posted on any upcoming event i will be attending and anything else special that comes up. :) 
Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter @KortneyOfficial. 

Happy 2014 and Happy Chinese New Year! 

"Whatever you are, be a good one." - Abraham Lincoln 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!!

Wooo hooooo! Hooray! Its a New Year!
I was seriously determined NOT to stay at home in "post partum mode" this year like I did last year. Lol. My grandmother always said, "Whatever you do on new years eve, you'll be doing for the rest of the year.". Well 2014 is definitely my year to be! (A psychic even said it ;)  I wanted to spend my new year with meaningful people and the ones I truly love; my daughter and my family. Now that Gabby is old enough to "turn up" with us, she of course had fun too. We went to Brittney's apartment, and played Taboo, took many many many many many maybe too many shots, and watched Big D NYE on TV but still had a good "live" view from her apartment balcony. Good times spent with good people bring you good luck. :)
My 2014 theme this year is like MJ... "This is it." Lol. There is no turning back for me. This is it. I'm in this till its over. I'm chasing my dreams and I know for a fact that I am going to catch them. 


2014 is the year you guys! Lets make it count! 


.....I'm thinking next year i'll throw a get together at my house for NYE.... Just a thought.