Sunday, October 12, 2014

TRY! - October 12th 2014

Hello there sexy people! ;)

Hope you all are enjoying your local Fall weather. Haha! Its been stormy and getting pretty cool here in Dallas. (I need a new umbrella for all this rain!). Good thing I already went shopping for the weather ;)
But this weather of course really just makes me want to cuddle up and stay at home and watch movies and eat comfort foods. 
This weeks TRY: Be lazy!
Seems simple right? It's alot harder than it sounds, especially if you're a parent. 
But we all need to find the time to truly go with the flow. Work, run errands only if necessary, and go home! If something comes up, do it of course, but relax. We're so busy trying to find something to do in the summer right? Parties, cookouts, pool parties, beach, vacations, parties, parties and more parties. Fall is about family as well as home. Enjoy it. Its only here for another 2 months! 


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