Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cinco De Mayo at Ojos Locos!

Just giving you all a little run down on our Cinco de Mayo dress up week at my lovely job. ;-*
As you may know, I DO NOT work Saturdays or Sundays. But due to the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight this past weekend, I had to work to fit the night girl's schedules.
So my day 1 dress up was on a Saturday.
The phones were ringing off the hook with people still trying to reserve tables for that night's fight and not to mention, us chicas had to help get everything else set up and ready. So I only had time to take a quick little cute selfie. :)
Day 2 was on a Monday.

I was still kinda drained from the weekend but managed to still look the part.
And Day 3 (the final day) on a Tuesday was my favorite (and everyone else's).

And you see why? Lol! They all wanted some Hot Tamales ;P

I always order my costumes for dress up days and I usually save it for the last day of dress up week. Best for last :)

Everyone always asks where I get my costumes and outfits from and there is always one (sometimes 2 or 3) places I get them from but I order all my sexy costumes and outfits online.
My top 3 websites: (Hot Tamale costume)

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