Monday, May 4, 2015

Doing It God's Way Doesn't Make Sense, But It Works.

Here I am again after a very very long break. And of course I missed sharing everything with you all. <3 Sorry it's been so long. 
Well, let's pick up where I left off. Hmm. In October. I'm officially no longer with Gabby's father, Claude. Not going to get into details about what happened but he found happiness elsewhere besides with me and trying to make our family work. Don't worry. I'm finally over it now. Haha I came to the realization that I don't need that type of man in my life anyway and trying to somewhat "force" our family to work would only make things worse. 
I'm not saying that getting over it was fast and easy because it was anything but. I always tell people that if we didn't have a child together, it would be so much easier to forget about him and let everything go. But since I have to look at him almost every single day because of our child, it was so much harder. For about 4-5 months I felt very lonely, hurt, sad and heartbroken. February hit me pretty hard. Then I finally got over it. With the help of some encouraging people, my family and friends, my new church and a little bit more (or alot more) confidence, I became at peace with myself once again. 
God does everything for a reason. He knows what we want and desire but He also knows what's best for us. So trust in Him because he knows what He's doing.
Just me and my baby Gabby is all I need. 

Since then, I have been feeling like my "old self" again. My confidence is back and I'm now focused on my dream goals again. All of course while being the best mommy I can be for Gabby. 

I haven't really been dating. Just having fun ;) I believe it's because I was hurt so bad and also because I'm so focused on other things right now. My king will come though. I'm not worried about that. Just gonna give it some time ;) 

One thing that I have been doing is keeping my resolutions for 2015. 
1. Try to keep my health up and get back into the gym, yoga studio and dance studio. 
Well I'm still not in the gym or the yoga studio. I'm still kinda lazy for that lol. And it's also I just don't have that much time. But I am eating right. I haven't eaten a burger in almost 5 months :D I also don't really eat too much pork. Every meat I eat, I try to make sure it's either grilled or Kosher. (Go to and watch a video titled Earthlings. You would change your eating habits too). I drink natural juices (Bai5 and Bolthouse Farms are my favorite) and lemon water every day. I'm using the It Works health system and loving my results. I also am using a waist trainer. Yes, it's get fine time! Lol. 
But all I need to do is still try to workout wether it's in a gym or not. Dance starts in the fall (I can't wait for that too).
Excuse the mess. Lol :) 

2. Travel more. 
The reason why I mainly wanted to start really getting healthy was because I had planned on traveling alot this year and how terrible is that, if I were to get sick before, during or after one of those trips. So 1. Yes I have been traveling ALOT ALOT in this short 5 months :) and 2. I have yet to get sick before, during or after those trips (knocks on wood for extra luck).
My first visit to Los Angeles, California. 

I've also colored my hair to red! Haha. Not exactly the red I was hoping for but I need somewhat of a darker color to let my hair repair and grow after my blonde broke it off and damaged it so much. 
Like it? 

As for Gabriella, my big girl is now 2 years old. And what a feisty, bossy, sweet and smart 2 year old she is! Again, I'm so sorry and sad that I didn't have the chance to blog about her birthday party or anything else. 
She's now in a early preschool learning center that we both love and she's learning so much and so fast. I love my little baby. I can't really call her a little baby anymore haha but of course she's still always gonna be my baby. 

I've been at my current job, Ojos Locos Dallas for over a year now. Of course I've looked for other places to work but I guess it's not in God's plan yet. 
I'm so sorry for not posting. But the breakup took a big hit on me. I'm feeling much better now. As I've promised before, and I will promise again (until another much needed break needs to happen again) I will be back on posting more again. It's just too much planned this year for me to let you guys miss out on anything else. 
You can see more of my travels, more party planning, holidays, and of course Gabriella and me. (I turn 21 this year so your don't wanna miss it lol :P)

I love you all so very much. <3

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