Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm 24 Weeks Pregnant and Turning 21 Years Old!!!

Two more weeks and then i'll be in my third trimester with just 3 more months to go. This is crazy! Time is just flying by (which is a good thing but still, give me some time! Lol).
I am now 24 weeks pregnant. Baby boy is the size of a cantaloupe and one thing he will not have to worry about when he arrives is mommy running out of breastmilk because these babies are already full of it. My breasts feel like they are full of milk, and my nipples are so sore and sensitive that I feel as if they are about to fall off. Wuah! They feel so much more worse than when I was pregnant with Gabby. I think I might have to invest in nipple butter early on before I give birth because my girls are in pain! TMI? Oh well. Welcome to my blog. :D
Aside from my aching cow udders, my back, as usual, is killing me and just recently, I pulled something in my knee. I've always read that a pregnant womans ligaments, muscles, and tendons change to accommodate labor. Well my quadricept ligament was pulled for 3 days and it hurt so bad. It healed pretty quickly but I wore a knee brace and kept lifted at all times. My nails are growing healthy thanks to the prenatal vitamins but unfortunately, my hair isn't growing at all! It's making me upset because I want my long hair back. Wuah!
Grow Hair, Grow!
I'm already planning on using my It Works Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins after I give birth.

Due to work training, I have missed about 2 important appointments with my doctor. She's pretty upset with me but next Tuesday I should be able to see her. I hope. I missed the 2nd trimester sonogram (to confirm that baby boy is still a boy), and I will be just off my schedule for the nasty glucose tolerance test. Hopefully she packs them both into one day to get it all over with but I doubt that will happen. Maybe week to week.
I have already started my online registry at Target and Babies R Us. It just feels so different. Of course a girl and a boy are night and day but it's funny because I now know what is a necessity and what is not. But I can definitely say that shopping for boy clothes is much different than shopping for girl clothes for me; But that's because i'm too much of a girly girl and get excited when I see tutus and hairbows lol.
24 Weeks
Now I'm letting my pregnancy emotions get the best of me as I write this next paragraph. All I can think about is how much longer I have to spend time with Gabby and Gabby only. 3 more months and she will officially have to share the spotlight. It kind of makes me sad. Gabriella is my first baby and I know she always will be but she's been the one I came home to every single night and I only had to feed, play with and take care of her. Now it will be 2. I'm promising Gabby and myself that these last 3 months, all eyes will be on her while she still can take advantage of it. I'm going to miss it being just me and her. But I know my heart has plenty of room for her little brother to fit in too. I love both of my babies. I love both of them equally. And I will do anything for them. <3

*wipes tears away*

I will be turning 21 years old on Wednesday!!!
I originally had plans to travel to Jamaica or some island with my girls for a week and just drink on a beach and have a good time. But due to my pregnancy circumstances, I had to change those plans lol. This year I'm requesting to just relax and get pampered. I'll make up for it next year haha. I have plenty of time to do it. Plus with my added flight benefits, I really really do have the option of flying anywhere I wanna go!
Be looking out for my birthday post about how Wednesday and the rest of the weekend turn out! <3

Monday, October 19, 2015

Soo Busy! (Update on 22 and 23 Weeks Preggo)

These past two weeks have been just super busy for me. I haven't had time to blog at all. I've been getting home, having to cook and get Gabby ready for bath and bed time, and by the the time she falls asleep, I get ready for bed and knock right out. Lol. It's so much going on and as each day passes by, I look up and I realize that I only have like 3 months left until baby boy gets here. This year is just speeding by.
Last week, on October 11th was one of my good friends, Chelsea's (better known as Veggie) birthday! So I first want to give a big birthday shout out to her. I miss her because she is going to school full time as well just like Gurley is and we don't get to see each other often either.
The state fair of Texas finally hit town and me and Gabby were blessed to go this year. It was her first time and my first time back in 9 years since I usually go to Louisiana state fair because it's cheaper. But I am still a bit upset because I didn't have time to get my candy apple and cotton candy :'(  It's okay. I just might have to get it at Louisiana State Fair.
State Fair of Texas with my love <3

This past week has also been a very busy one. It was my final week of basic training for my job and it was test week. I took my basic test and passed it! I felt so relieved and so excited at the same time. The test was pretty easy and not as bad as everyone made it seem. So now I have 1 more week of advanced training as well as 1 full monitored week on the phone.

As for new baby boy on the way, I am now 23 weeks!

You can see my Picasa Web Album of my week by week growing bump right here!

He is now the size of a grapefruit and about 11 inches long. I officially have 3 months left and man am I already feeling like I'm in the 3rd trimester. My back is already killing me, I'm getting up at 3am just to pee, my face is starting to swell, it's getting more and more uncomfortable to sleep, I can barely stay awake during the's too early! I have a month left until my 3rd trimester! Why so early?! Lol smh. This just confirms that my 3rd trimester will be horrible.
It's true what they say though. Your body carries a boy differently than it carries a girl. Gabby was positioned high up in my ribs. Baby boy is so low, I feel as if he'll pop out any second. Which explains my back pain. I bought a belly band to help with the back pain but it only helps a little bit.
3. More. Months.

On the bright Wednesday is my birthday! :D I'm accepting gifts starting now! Lol

Monday, October 5, 2015

My First Week at the New Job; 21 Weeks Pregnant; Big Plans Coming Soon!

I have officially finished my first week of a new job! :D Still so happy that I actually got hired after months of being without a job and I just praise God for it because it is exactly what I needed. Yay!
Well my first week of training went pretty well. So far it's not too intense like what everyone was saying it was going to be but of course I have a bad habit of speaking to soon haha so we'll see how the next 2 weeks play out as well. But so far I am still learning alot on how the operating systems and the company works. The systems I will be working with are relatively easy to manage once I get more practice with them. It's the customers concerns that worry me the most because we all know how customer service can be. The company itself is so perfect in my opinion. I really can see myself here for some time while I work towards my degree. Awesome pay. Awesome benefits. And I think the best part is that I get flight benefits! :D Me and my kids are definitely gonna take PLENTY of vacation trips now!
The new official work selfie mirror!
I am now 21 weeks pregnant! Baby boy is the size of a pomegranate or carrot. His flutters are turning into jumps (right on my damn bladder!), and it's also getting harder to not notice that I am pregnant, hence i'm getting up every 15 minutes to pee and my clothes are showing this tiny bump off. I am also starting to feel little previews of third trimester annoyances. Ugh! Little tings of indigestion almost every night (lot of hair already? Just like your sister lol). My lower back is starting to hurt but not too bad just yet. He's sooooo low in my pelvis which is complete opposite of Gabby because she was pretty much high up in my ribs! Since he's so low, I think that is why my lower back is starting to kill me already as well as it kinda hurts when he jumps. But luckily, my mommy bought me another belly band, WHICH HELPS ALOT! I recommend it to all mommas.
21 Weeks
With all these great changes happening, I am so excited to get the ball rolling on my plans I have for the rest of the year, for when I have my son, and all the way up to next year. I just started the process of cleaning out my room and making new space for me and my babies. 2 playrooms, a toddler bed for Gabby and I am also getting rid of A TON of me and Gabby's clothes to make more closet and dresser space. It's alot to do but it takes one day (or one weekend) at a time and I plan on being done by no later than Thanksgiving.

So excited! So blessed! :D