Monday, October 19, 2015

Soo Busy! (Update on 22 and 23 Weeks Preggo)

These past two weeks have been just super busy for me. I haven't had time to blog at all. I've been getting home, having to cook and get Gabby ready for bath and bed time, and by the the time she falls asleep, I get ready for bed and knock right out. Lol. It's so much going on and as each day passes by, I look up and I realize that I only have like 3 months left until baby boy gets here. This year is just speeding by.
Last week, on October 11th was one of my good friends, Chelsea's (better known as Veggie) birthday! So I first want to give a big birthday shout out to her. I miss her because she is going to school full time as well just like Gurley is and we don't get to see each other often either.
The state fair of Texas finally hit town and me and Gabby were blessed to go this year. It was her first time and my first time back in 9 years since I usually go to Louisiana state fair because it's cheaper. But I am still a bit upset because I didn't have time to get my candy apple and cotton candy :'(  It's okay. I just might have to get it at Louisiana State Fair.
State Fair of Texas with my love <3

This past week has also been a very busy one. It was my final week of basic training for my job and it was test week. I took my basic test and passed it! I felt so relieved and so excited at the same time. The test was pretty easy and not as bad as everyone made it seem. So now I have 1 more week of advanced training as well as 1 full monitored week on the phone.

As for new baby boy on the way, I am now 23 weeks!

You can see my Picasa Web Album of my week by week growing bump right here!

He is now the size of a grapefruit and about 11 inches long. I officially have 3 months left and man am I already feeling like I'm in the 3rd trimester. My back is already killing me, I'm getting up at 3am just to pee, my face is starting to swell, it's getting more and more uncomfortable to sleep, I can barely stay awake during the's too early! I have a month left until my 3rd trimester! Why so early?! Lol smh. This just confirms that my 3rd trimester will be horrible.
It's true what they say though. Your body carries a boy differently than it carries a girl. Gabby was positioned high up in my ribs. Baby boy is so low, I feel as if he'll pop out any second. Which explains my back pain. I bought a belly band to help with the back pain but it only helps a little bit.
3. More. Months.

On the bright Wednesday is my birthday! :D I'm accepting gifts starting now! Lol

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