Friday, August 22, 2014

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone!
I missed you all. I had a nice and quick summer and I hope you all enjoyed yours as well. Below I will attach my Summer 2014 Picasa album (please be patient for all the uploads. The app is stupid and slow) for all of you to see what me and Gabby have been up to all summer. We've been to the zoo, to Shreveport for the 4th of July, celebrated my dad's 41st birthday, Went swimming way too much and so much more.  Now I am done with my blogging break and now its time to get busy! :D

Summer 2014 Album

Now as I'm sure we are all aware of now, it's only FOUR MORE MONTHS OF 2014! It sounds so scary when I typed that. I've definitely noticed that the older I get, the quicker time flies. And when you have a child it makes things go by even faster (my baby is almost 2 years old!). Over the summer I have picked up some new addictions. Haha. One of them is Pinterest. Oh how I LOVE Pinterest. I'm not really a DIY kind of person but I like the fact that I can get ideas on just about anything. From parties (ya'll know I love a good party), costumes, food and dessert recipes,  makeup, Holiday crafts, clothes, and I even use it for my photoshoot ideas. My second new addiction is Bath and Body Works. Yes I know. Who already isn't a BBW fan, right? Well it took me a while but I love to buy their scents for each of their monthly "themes". Which leads me to my last addiction; "monthly buys". I go to Victoria's Secret like every 2 weeks for their monthly specials as well as Bath and Body Works. I get my nails done monthly and also all of my waxes. Lol sounds silly but trust me its so worth it. And surprisingly it helps me save a lot of money, That way I'm not walking into the store DAILY to see what's the deals and end up buying things I do not need.

On top of my new addictions there has also of course been some changes in the life of Kortney and Gabriella. Claude has decided to go back to school...out of state. Which leaves me and Gabby pretty much on our own. Which sucks but with God's help and my hard work, we'll be fine. I now work the day shift at my job which means a little less money for me but I'm still managing.
Since Claude decided to move away, it got me thinking about some really important stuff. Why can he go fulfill his dreams but I can't? It's definitely gonna be harder because I have Gabby with me but I have decided it's time to go for my dreams too. While I still can, you know. Time is going by fast and I don't want to hold back and make any more excuses of why I can't do something anymore. I know for a fact that it's my time.

Now for my blog! I know that I haven't been putting in the best time for my blog but I'm adding new things to it. To show you guys what I bought for the month from my "Monthly Buys", I will be posting them :D. Another thing...Every week I will post something called a "Try This". Over the summer I have made it a goal to do something new with my toddler every weekend. Just to beat sitting at home being lazy. Not saying that sometimes that's exactly what we need after a hard week but we all need to get out and explore this earth and God's treasures a lot more. We all need to get out! Lol.

Well that's all for now!
If you want more of me and Gabby daily, you know where to find me! On Instagram and Twitter @KortneyOfficial (I do not have Facebook)

Let's finish this year off with goals being achieved. It will carry over into next year! ;)



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