Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014!

All I wanted was some damn flowers. Lol. Obviously I didnt get them this year. Oh well I got lots of chocolate and candy to make up for it. Gabriella got pajamas. For some reason, I'm obsessed with pj's for her. I went into JCP and saw the entire pajama section and had to control myself lol. 

Its been so long since i've been on an actual date. :( I havent been loved properly haha. Next year for V-Day its gonna be better though. I just didnt want much this year. I wanted to chill out and get a nap since I have 2 jobs now. ;) New post about that coming soon. 

Happy Valentine's Day Lovlies! 
Remember that this day is about showing love to everyone and not just for couples. Be nice and show everyone love always. 

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