Friday, January 31, 2014

Did you keep your promises for 2014?

January is over already?! Wow! (Happy Chinese New Year by the way). It seems like the older we get, the faster time flies. 
With that said, have you given up on your "resolutions" or promises already? If you have, its okay. Just pick it back up. Its nothing wrong with that. You have to do something at least 25 times consistently to make it a habit. 
And if you haven't, keep up the good work! Ive been doing pretty good myself. I'm still working out, my job is going okay (I'm switching jobs soon though.), my daughter is well taken care of and lots more. 
January is usually a time for adjustment for me. Last year I of course was adjusting to being a new mommy and a new life of becoming a parent. This year I was working on getting everything back on track for my career and my family and social life (which has been almost non existent since I graduated from esthetics school lol). Now that winter is about to be over in about a month or so, alot of events are going to start back up. Yay! So i'll definitely keep you guys posted on any upcoming event i will be attending and anything else special that comes up. :) 
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Happy 2014 and Happy Chinese New Year! 

"Whatever you are, be a good one." - Abraham Lincoln 

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