Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014!

Happy Father's Day!
 I hope everyone enjoyed spending the day with the fabulous men in their life. Baby daddies, daddies, grandpas, mommies, etc. Thank God for all of them.

I'm pretty sure you are wondering from my last post what I got my dads in my life.

My biological dad: I feel kind of bad but not too much. I didn't even send a txt message. =/ I'll catch him on the next holiday.

The guy who raised me (My daddy): Me and Gabby got him a card of course (I love hallmark cards) and he got a dinner from his favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. I love my dad!

My baby daddy (Claude/ Gabby's Daddy): Gabriella got one of those handprint cards and had so much fun with that. He loved it! I didn't have enough to give him his gift right away but I told him I would give it to him before he leaves to New York next week. ;)

I feel so much better right now, (I'm typing on the desktop computer again.) Feels like old times. *sigh* Which was not that long ago of course. Lol. But it sure does feel like it. I can't wait to have my own laptop again. I should be getting one really soon ;)

Happy Pappy's Day!


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