Friday, April 4, 2014

Getting Gabby off the Passie! Part 1

To pacify means to soothe. 
Pacifier means the soother. 
Ever since 1900, pacifers, binkies, soothies, and or passies, have kept babies and toddlers calm and gave parents a little sanity when it comes to cries and temper tantrums. 
But of course, everything good usually comes with bad. Passies can create crooked teeth and more dental problems and most of all, they are addicting. Especially if you we're like me and decided to breastfeed your baby. So pretty much its like a baby cigarette. 
Gabby had a 15 month dental checkup a couple weeks ago and we discovered that she had an underbite. Her dentist of course said that if its not better by the time shes 2 years old, then there will need to be some adjusting. Damn you passie! So me and Claude decided we should go ahead and start weening her off the pacifier. 
We knew that this process was gonna be hard so we thought about it and gave everything a reasonable time limit and reasonable rule.
Our rules until shes about 18 months:

1. No passie for recreation. She can only have it on her when its bedtime and naptime. 
We thought that this would be a good and reasonable rule. She never slept without it anyway. 

2. Just in case and for emergency use only, hide it in the diaper bag. If we're out in public and she seriously starts acting a fool to the point where we cant stand it anymore, give it to her. But only until shes calm and quiet do we hide it back. 
No explanation needed for this rule. Aint nobody got time for that. :-P

Our plan is to follow these rules until shes 18 months. After that, we honestly don't know just yet whether we're going to cut it off completely or give it to her once a day, but of course we'll play it by ear. 

So far its been 2 weeks since we've cut down passie. Ive noticed alot of bad habits formed over it and I seriously wish I would have taken her off sooner. When the passie falls out of her mouth when shes sleep, I just take it out therefore she won't have it when she wakes up. But when I do that, I notice she grinds her teeth together. Ugh! She still has the feeling of that passie in her mouth. Thats probably whats contributing to her underbite jaw. Another thing is, when shes fussy, she constantly looks for it and won't stop crying until she finds something else to distract her. Whew! This might be tougher than I thought. 

No more passie!

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