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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gabby's New Sleep Routine

Of course, getting her off the passie is way harder than I thought. Shes definitely    not using it as much anymore. But she sometimes cannot sleep without it. Oh well. Its just gonna have to be like that until shes 18 months old. So one more month! 
But as far as her sleep schedule goes, its now on "Toddler Time". Her new bedtime is 8pm/8:30pm. 
Our routine is simple of course and similar to her baby sleep schedule. 

First I give her a bath. I like to keep bath time short and sweet. Dump all the toys in the tub, add bubbles then add Gabby. I immediately wash her, then wash her hair if needed, and then shes out. Shes still too young in my opinion for actual bath toys.

After her bath, we go to the room to dry off, lotion up then put her pj's on. All while we do that, the lights are off and I only have the lamp and night light on so she knows its time to quiet down.

Now after the last step, either one or two things happen depending on her energy. 

1. I let her "blow off steam" or as Yo Gabba Gabba says, "Get the sillies out". I let her play with toys while I get our stuff ready for the next day. And when I'm done, I put her in the bed and let her go to sleep. 
2. I lay down with her until she falls asleep. Then i'll do what I have to for the next day. 

Its really simple compared to her baby schedule. I don't play music for her anymore because she'll start dancing. Lol  

Shes growing so fast. 
Time goes by so quickly. 
Enjoy every single moment. 


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