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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I Know I'm Late!!!

25 Weeks Preggo! My 21st Birthday! Happy Halloween!
I never meant for these posts to be combined but I have been so busy and so tired to do ANYTHING right now. I finally found the energy to blog... a week later. Lol

I am now 25 weeks preggo. Baby boy is as big as a cauliflower. I just recently went to the doctor yesterday but I will tell you all how that went in my next post. I'm keeping all the goods on my pregnancy for next post.
25 Weeks <3
Last week was my 21st birthday! Exciting but at the same time... I'm pregnant and can't celebrate the traditional way by getting so wasted that I can't walk anymore. But that's okay. I found a way to still make it special by going to TX Spa Castle with my bestie Armoni. I swear it was the best spa I have ever been to. So many pools, so many Jacuzzis, so many saunas (that of course I couldn't go into, but I did peek.), and a juice bar, a sushi bar, tv's and private rooms to get specials treatments. Me and Armoni got facials in the "lavender room". Armoni made a valid point that we both should become members and come back as often as possible lol. It really was a very relaxing and fun experience. I recommend it to everyone. Now as for the drinking, I drank imported Green Tea straight from Japan :) haha. I'll make up this birthday next year after I am done with breastfeeding baby boy. <3

TX Spa Castle!

I wouldn't want to spend my birthday with nobody other than my best friend forever!

Halloween was also this past weekend! One of my favorite holidays and if you all know me, you know that I always say that Halloween is that day that signals the start of the hoilday season. YAY!!!!! I did the basic maternity costume and dressed up as an ancient Greek woman (supposed to be a goddess but I felt so swollen I just decided to become a regular ancient Greek citizen instead) and Gabby was dressed up as a Candy Corn Witch. She originally wanted to be Elsa but it broke my heart that every Party City we went to, they did not have her size. So we settled for the witch costume instead. She still loved it because she got a cool hat lol.

You don't need to see my swollen face....You get the idea of my costume!

With that said, I hope everyone had a great and fun Halloween since it definitely was on a Saturday this year. So no excuses lol. But for some reason it was not alot of houses participating in Trick or Treat this year. Which kind of makes me sad that the spirit of Halloween for kids is going down. Everyone is doing the carnivals and festivals now which is great and fun but I still want the tradition of trick or treating to not go away. Maybe it's just our neighborhood. Maybe. Me and Gabby trick or Treated for about 45 minutes and then we were done because like I said, noooooo houses were lit up. So we followed my baby sister and my little cousins to one of the church carnivals which we still had fun at.
Gabby the Candy Corn Witch!

Next year, Halooween will be much better because i'm planning an awesome trip to...............................
I already began saving and I plan on combining it for my birthday celebration and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party that they throw every year. I'm thinking Disney costumes for me and both of my kids next year :D

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