Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gift Ideas for a Girly Virgo Woman! (Happy Birthday Breanna!)

Today was another birthday! My best friend Breanna Gurley celebrated her 18th birthday today. As we start to go into the sign of Libra, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to all the Virgos out there. I hope you had a great birthday.
As usual, I used her sign as a way to figure out what I would get her for her birthday. She's a very education oriented, girly girl type Virgo. Soo...

What Virgo Women Like:
Any type of beauty products (she loves makeup)
Perfume that smells clean and fresh
Little trinkets that they can put in their house
Artistic jewelry
Anything from the heart (she always says "its the thought that counts")

What Girly Girls Like:
Any thing that's in their favorite color! (mostly Pink)

I put all these things together and I gave her....
Customized Bath Salt and a Handwritten Birthday Letter! She loves beauty products and she loves the color pink. I couldn't exactly give her pink bath salts because I was out. So i gave her the next best color. Purple. :) She loved it. We also decorated her locker with tissue paper, wrapping paper, balloons and ribbon and gave her a beautiful white feather boa to wear.

Happy Birthday Gurley! and Happy Birthday to all the Virgos out there!
Love youuuuu!

"Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!" ~ Miley Cyrus 

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