Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pregnancy Diary: Breastfeeding 101

Its only Wednesday! Ugh! I was supposed to publish this post last night but I was sooo tired. I didn't even do that much yesterday. I didn't even do some work I was supposed to do. But I'm here posting this morning about what I did do. I went to a breastfeeding class! I really wanted to take this class because I am pro breast milk! So when my baby comes, I'll be ready. What so many people don't know are the benefits of breastfeeding. Not only is it good for your baby but it does wonders for your body as well. It burns calories so you can get back into shape faster, it helps your boobs not to sag (something we all definitely do not want), and it creates a special bond with your baby.
I went into the lactation consultants classroom and it was surprisingly small.. 2 other women and myself. Maybe because it was an 8:30am class. But I had a great time learning at least the basics before she gets here. I will have another class later on. Dont worry. I'll tell you all about that one too with more details.
Proud to be a breastfeeding mommy! :D

Love you babies!
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