Saturday, February 2, 2013

Postpartum = I'm Done

My Awesome Dr. Weix. Thanks for everything!

Yesterday was my 6 weeks postpartum checkup. It was the last doctors visit of my "pregnancy stage". I'm done! My 9 month pregnancy is officially over. Now my true motherhood begins.

My recovery was somewhat between average and quick. Since I had an episiotomy performed, I had to get stitches. So as soon as my epidural wore off, I felt EVERYTHING :( But as the weeks went by, it of course healed and the more the pain wore off. My poor kitty :( lol! I was not happy about my doctor having to cut me at all. That's what all the Kegels were supposed to prevent...guess not.
The next couple of nights in the hospital, I got zero sleep. I chose to co-sleep with her in my room instead of sending her to the nursery. I chose to do that because she is breastfed and I thought it would be good to prepare me for the no sleep anyway. It did. Very well.
In the hospital and when I got home, the baby blues hit me pretty hard. It wasn't the sad baby blues but rather the very emotional one. I cried just by looking at her. I loved her so much. If a song came on and the word baby was said, I would burst into tears. I cried when we left the hospital and on our way home. It was because we were both entering a new world. We were in a place of transition, which was the hospital and we were finally off to start a whole new life. All I could think to myself in the car ride home was that, now... life really begins. I was so excited to bring my baby home. My little sisters stood outside with a sign that said "Welcome Home Gabriella!" as we pulled up. It made me cry even more. Yea, those postpartum tears turned me into a big cry baby!

So it's safe to say that I had a pretty easy and fast recovery. My stomach is still kind of flabby though. But not as bad as it was the first couple of weeks. Now I am off to pick up where I left. I go back to school Monday and I am not really excited about it. Only 40% of me is ready to go back just because I miss everyone and I miss dancing. But the other 60% just wants to stay at home and take care of Gabby because I know I will miss her more than I miss my friends.


"Never love anybody that treats you like you're ordinary." ~ Oscar Wilde 

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