Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gabby Gets Her 2 Month Shots

I don't know who was nervous more; Me or Gabriella. But today it was time for Gabriella's 2 month vaccinations. I was nervous and felt sorry for my baby because I hate shots and I knew that they will not feel good at all to her. And she would be very unexpecting of it.
The calm before the storm. 

Since the doctor hasn't seen Gabby in a while she had to check up on her to see how she was doing and developing. The news that I heard was very unexpected. Gabriella has always been a spit up baby ever since she came home. I thought nothing of it but since she is also fussy, Dr. Robinson said that she has reflux disease. It is curable and all I have to give her is some medication. But that wasn't the only bad news I got. Since her last visit, Gabriella has only gained 1 pound. This worried both me and her doctor very much. It is possibly due to her reflux disease since she can never really eat anything without spitting it back up; Or it can be due to her not eating enough. I thought that she was eating just fine because I eat well enough to produce healthy breast milk and she eats 2.5-3 ounces which is good for her age and its just simply how much she eats. Or it can just be genetics, since I am a small person too. So Dr. Robinson wants to check back with her in 2 weeks and during that time she wants me to add an extra feeding and occasionally add a tiny teaspoon of rice cereal to her bottles that she takes to daycare. My poor baby. :(

After the checkup and the long talk, it was time for her shots. It was so sad to see the nurse come in because at first, Gabby was smiling. She really didn't know what was about to happen. But then the nurse sat down the kit that holds her vaccinations, and she had an idea what was up. The first vaccine they gave her was a liquid one so she sucked it through a tube. Then it was time for the needles...
I had to hold her arms down and I hid her head with mine while she got the shots. Her screams pierced the entire clinic's ears. It was so loud and high pitched, I felt so bad for my little baby. But she had to get them because we want the baby to be healthy!

One of the risks was that she might get a fever. Well, she did. They said I could give her infant Tylenol drops. Since, she caught a fever, she couldn't go to daycare so we stayed home and just cuddled all day. 

Make sure you are all vaccinated! Keep the world a healthy place!
 P.S.  Sorry I keep changing the name of this blog. Just haven't found the right fit. 

"Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door." ~ Coco Chanel 

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