Sunday, February 24, 2013

Christening Planning: Getting Started

This Friday will be the 1st of March. That means it's time to start planning Gabriella's christening! I'm so excited because this is obviously my first time planning one and this is another party being planned. As you may know, I always find any excuse to plan and throw a party! I just love doing it. I even thought about becoming a party planner before. But back to the matter at hand!
Since this is my first time planning a christening, I am getting help from Claud's mom, Karen. Together we have split the responsibilities. I am in charge of the ceremony stuff and everything before it, and she is planning and in charge of the reception. Which means my responsibilities consist of:

-Booking the church and officiant for the ceremony.
-Getting the Godparents together.
-Making the invitations.
-Getting the photographer.
-Buying Gabriella and myself outfits.
-Buying all the things needed during the ceremony.
-Favors for the reception.

And so that leaves her in charge of:

-Selecting the reception space.
-Getting all the guests together.
-The decorations.
-The menu.

The fun stuff. Lol

We have already discussed some simple things such as the colors will be pink and silver, the date is March 23, and also we are gonna use the reception as a chance to get Gabby things for when she's 6 months and up. So any gifts given must be 6 months and up.

I'm so excited! I have my checklist ready and my money saved!

Another fabulous and luxurious event underway!

"Don't forget to pray today because God didn't forget to wake you up this morning." ~ Unknown 

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