Friday, September 4, 2015

My Little Sister is a High Schooler, Happy Birthday Granny, and I'm 17 Weeks Preggo!

I used to hear all the time about how the older we get, the faster time just flies by. It seems like just yesterday I gave birth to Gabriella. That was almost 3 years ago! It seems like yesterday I was 14 years old entering high school as a wide eyed Freshman. That was 5 years ago! And over 14 years ago, I became a big sister. Jeeeeeeez I feel so old. Lol. Last week, I just experienced my little sister Amber becoming a high schooler. I tried not to imagine this day when I was younger haha. I just couldn't. But my little MooMoo is in high school. I'm so proud of her because I can see how much smarter she is than I was in high school. It used to take a village to tell me to do homework before I would actually do it. Lol. Not proud of it now of course. Amber is also the best volleyball player I know. She loves her sport and I just know it will eventually get her scholarships to her favorite colleges. How do I know? Well she's a Freshman who made the JV team (should have been the Varsity but it's still a great accomplishment). I guess next up is her first boyfriend, her sweet 16, her driver's license test, many many homecomings, and omg...Prom and her graduation. I just might cry...
Volleyball Star Amber!
Yes...She is wayyy taller than me.
Speaking of time flying by, God has blessed my granny with another year of life! 77 years to be exact. My granny has been a great blessing in my family's life and we really can't see a day without her. We're going to Shreveport this weekend for her birthday and Labor Day so it should be a fun weekend with all of our family. Happy Birthday Granny!
My granny with Kamryn right after her Gymnastics meet.
Today marks 17 weeks in my pregnancy!
Baby is now the size of an onion and I am starting to feel flutters! I didn't feel Gabby until I was about 18 or 19 weeks. But this time around, I can tell what is a gas bubble and what's a flutter kick. I can't wait until they get stronger....wait...let me not speak too soon because Gabby kicked my rib out... take your time on kicking mommy buddy! Lol.
17 weeks
Even though I got stretch marks with Gabriella around 35 weeks, I still have been getting an early start on prevention. Just incase this one is a boy and grows to be over 8 or 9 pounds by birth and gives me more (I've seen it happen!). From past experience, I know what works and what doesn't. Yay! Lol. With Gabriella, I tried Bio-Oil (which does nothing but makes your stomach oily) and cocoa butter (which works to an extent by using just the right amount of moisture but gives slower results)and pure African Shea Butter (Pretty much does the same thing as cocoa butter) and many more products I've tried that just don't work. But the 3 fastest working products that worked for me and I saw results with were, CeraVe Intensive Stretch Mark Cream (Walgreens), It Works! Stretch Mark Cream (order from your favorite It Works! distributor) and just because it smells good and even though it took longer to see results i'll go ahead and throw in Palmer's Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks and Tummy Butter (any store). So, fingers crossed that I won't get anymore and the existing ones go away and don't get worse!

My next doctor's visit is next Wednesday and I am so excited! I don't know for sure yet but since I will be almost 18 weeks by then, I might be able to see the gender of my baby!!! I just seriously can't wait anymore. I am also even thinking of the gender reveal party already. ;) Shhh. I'm not telling how I'm gonna do it yet.

My week by week bump update is on my Picasa web album here!
Enjoy your Labor Day weekend everyone!!!

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