Thursday, September 17, 2015

It's A Boy!!!

It's A Boy!!!!!!!!

Finding Out: The Suspense Was Real!Since we could not find out what baby was at my last doctors appointment, and the nurses told me that it would have to be at my next appointment which is A MONTH AWAY (October 28th to be exact ;D), I said... Oh noooooooo! I just didn't get excited for nothing and definitely not to wait another month to see the gender of my baby! So Leland, baby boy's daddy, was kind enough to agree to going to an independent sonogram place to see the gender of our baby.
We went to Stork Vision in Garland which also offers 3D sonos and heartbeat CD's and etc. Of course it all costs extra but I just wanted to see the gender of my baby. The entire time there I was so excited but nervous. My family doesn't necessarily have the best of luck when it comes to "a mix of genders" when someone gets pregnant. We all have girls. Haha. So all I could think of was, "What if it's a girl even though I feel like it's a boy? It might just be a different pregnancy." But little did I know, our family luck with having only girls has officially been broken.
Before the Stork Vision visit.
When the sonographer tried to show me my baby's private parts, he told me that the baby's legs were a little crossed. I instantly thought, "Omg. Only girls cross their legs. It's a girl. I knew it." But the he kept searching. Then finally, he said to me, "It looks like a boy.....yeap. It's a boy. There is his peepee." I said, "What?!?! It's a boy?!" And there it was. My baby boy's little peepee on the screen lol. At first to be honest I really didn't see it. I don't know what I was expecting to see lol. But the sonographer pointed it out to me and showed me where his testies were and his little peepee right on top. My mommy senses were right!

My Gender Reveal
Knowing me, I can't hold something so exciting in for so long. Clearly it was very hard for me to hide my pregnancy for an entire summer. If I wasn't so excited (and still waiting for my new job to start), I would have planned a big big gender reveal party. But it was clearly best that I just have a small thing with just immediate family and closest friends.
I looked all on Pinterest and searched Google for unique gender reveal ideas. I really didn't want to do the usual that everyone does. You know with the balloons in a box and pinata with pink or blue candy. Come on now. I'm so much more fun that that. I wanted to do something fun and interactive so I came across the brilliant idea of a "paint party".
I got blue paint bottles from Walmart the night before and black duct tape. I covered all the bottles with the black duct tape so nobody would be able to see the color before squirting out the paint. I went to my favorite place on earth, Party City, and was disappointed to find out that all of their gender reveal stuff is online only. So I just ended up getting some blue chocolate "It's A Boy" cigars for favors.
People who I invited met me at the park across the street from my house, which has big fields and was perfect for throwing paint. By the time everyone made it there, I handed out the paint bottles and we headed out to the field. Leland was in charge of taking video and pictures of course. But since Snapchat is so big now, everyone had their cameras rolling lol. I explained the rules and what to do, I counted to 3,2,1 and the paint went flying all over me and all I heard were screams of joy coming from them all.
Everyone was so excited that I am having a boy. Even my great grandmother, grandmother and great aunt who were all watching from FaceTime from my sister's phone screamed with joy. "We needed a boy" is what my granny said. We really did.
I am beyond excited and I know that this will be so different from taking care of and raising Gabriella but I'm so ready for it. Me and my aunt are already starting to pre-plan the baby shower and shopping for boy clothes lol. Not gonna lie, I'm gonna really miss the tutus and cute clothes from having a girl but Gabby still has a couple more years until she gets too old for them so I'm taking advantage while I can!

You know my biggest fear right now is, what if I go to my doctors office in a month and it turns out to be a girl. I swear I don't know what I would think or do!!!

You can see more pictures and videos of the gender reveal here!

A girl and a boy.... Some say that I am done and I just might have to agree lol. This is about to be such a fun journey. You all have no idea how excited and happy I am right now. :D

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