Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Autumn! 20 Weeks Pregnant (Halfway Done!) and Making Room!

Happy Autumn!
The season is finally changing! As I get older, I tend to despise summer more lol which is weird. Maybe because I'm beginning to hate the heat or it could just be a Texas thing. Who knows. Of course the only downfall of the seasons changing for me is that I have really bad allergies when it does happen. No matter what season, I always get attacked with allergies for about 2-3 weeks. Haha yes, it sucks. But Autumn/Fall is my favorite season for many reasons. One is because it marks the start of the holiday season with Halloween, State Fair of Texas starts (the best EVA!), the beauty of orange and red leaves is just breathtaking, not to mention the perfect cool weather, football season, sweater weather, and most importantly, My Birthday is in October! So happy fall ya'll! ;)

Today is a big and happy step in my pregnancy...I'M HALFWAY DONE!!!!!
20 Weeks Today!
Baby is the size of a banana. His flutters are definitely kicks now. And it just got a little harder to hide my bump in work clothes that I've tried on lol.
As you can probably tell, I'm too excited to go back to work. I've bought all sorts of office supplies, I've been studying hardcore on the airport city codes, and of course trying to find some maternity office wear (which is very very very hard to find). Once again, I feel blessed beyond measure because I have found a new job. And not only that, it's a job that I know I will love.
I have decided not to move out of the area that I currently live in. I just find it to be more affordable and with 2 kids, that for sure needs to be an important word in my vocab that I need to put to good use. When I start my new job, I cannot wait to buy things for the home. That sounds so funny but it's true lol. Making room for me and my babies should be alot of fun. :)

I didn't make a post last week because of my busy schedule but last Saturday was my best friend, Gurley's birthday! I want to give a big (belated) birthday blog shout to her! Fun fact: We're both pregnant at the same time. How kool is that? lol. Happy Birthday Best Friend. I love you. :)

I might not be on social media too much this week as I try to adjust to my new working schedule. But I will of course tell you all about my first week :D

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