Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Prom Night

Excuse me as I try to recover from prom night and try to write this.
Lol don't worry. I didn't get hammered or high. I didn't need that to get happy this time =P
It was such a long day. I went to school for the first 2 periods of the day just so I could get counted as present for the day. After that, I ran to Gurley's apartment to get ready. I had already dropped off my things at her house that morning before I left to go to school. I took a shower and I ate some food, and we waited for the makeup artist to get there. Melissa was first to get hers done then it was me. I decided to just give in and go with the theme which was "Old Hollywood". I had problems with my dream dress and stuff so I had to settle and borrow a dress from a friend. Its all good though. I still looked sexy ;)

By the time Gurley got in the chair, all the dates and parents were there. We (kinda sorta) tried to speed up the "getting dressed" process but Gurely likes to take her time lol. We were almost late trying to gather everyone up to go and take pictures. We were definitely on "colored people" time. Lol. After we FINALLY finished taking pics, we were on our way to prom! We all rode in our own cars and as we pulled up, it was already do many people there. We were in for a shock because nobody knew we had to pay $6 for parking for our own prom. Oh well. The complaints to the school are definitely coming.

When we walked into prom, it was so glamorous. Gold decorations and red carpet blinded our eyes lol. We checked in and walked into the ballroom which was all silver with GORGEOUS, big, chandeliers as centerpieces. We sat our things down and ran to the dance floor. We didn't leave it for a very long time. It was so much fun. After about 10:30-11pm, we winded down because the dj got boring after that. He only played 1 slow song and it wasn't even the right time to play one when he did. And all the rest were a blur of dubstep and techno songs. Which I love but it became too much. I felt like I was at H2O festival instead of prom. But that's my opinion. Still had fun though. We then took pics in the photo booth, got hundreds of lemonades, a bowl of mac and cheese, ice cream and took bathroom selfies. Lol
We left about 30 mins early to get ready for our little group after party at Chelsea's house. When we got there, Chelsea's mom had made tostadas and had bowls of skittles, m&ms and chex mix out for us. She also made smoothies and ice cream for us. We played Apples to Apples and talked and laughed all night until we crashed out around 4am.

My prom was very memorable. I really had so much fun and this sets the countdown until graduation officially. Starting this week are our senior activities and our last "class" day is Thursday! I cannot wait! Be looking for lots and lots of blog posts, instagram photos and tweets about everything!

I'll post my prom pics later on my Picasa album. I have to go finish some last minute projects and homework. :)

"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day." ~ Vincent van Gogh 

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