Sunday, May 12, 2013

My (First) Mother's Day 2013!

I had the best first Mother's Day ever. It started off on Saturday because Claud wanted to have enough money to spend on his mom too ;) We went to Red Lobster for dinner and it was his first time eating there. For once Gabby participated pretty well (besides the spitting up all over me after I fed her). So that was my little day before mother's day dinner with my babies. After that we went to Claud's family's house to play games and just hang out. It was a pretty fun day.
Red Lobster
Sunday, actually Mother's Day, I didn't expect Claud to do or take me anywhere because we had already did something Saturday. My original plan was to just stay at home, do some work, try to do some laundry, and watch the Sprout Channel with Gabriella in my pajamas all day. Which by the way I got the cutest first Mother's day cards from her. At daycare, they made a construction paper card with her foot prints on it and I got another card "from her" that was too cute! I put both of them on my Instagram ;)

Later on, Claud surprised me on the phone saying that Gabby and I should get dressed because we were gonna go out. I asked no questions and got dressed since I didn't really want to stay at home anyways. Lol. After all, this day is all about mommies and I am now officially one of them. ;) So our first stop was at his cousins house where everyone was at, playing cards as usual, and we ate and watched Men in Black 3. After Claud finished eating and Gabby played with her cousins and granny and auntie, it was time to stop at Uncle Donny's house. Donovan is Claud's best friend and Gabriella's godfather. We went to his house and had a great time. Everyone was there just having a good time, smoking cigars, sitting by the pool and making s'mores! Gabriella was being held and cooed at by other people. I've found out that Gabby really likes being outside. Haha little Capricorn baby. Claud melted my marshmallow for the s'more for me only because that fire was serious and I have a little fear of big fires. Especially when we have a little ass stick to work with lol. But it ended up being really good. Before the mosquitoes came out, I decided to go ahead and go back in the house, feed Gabriella and watch National Treasure with others. More of Claud and Donovan's college and high school friends came in and they all had "man time" upstairs. So Gabby decided to take a nap while it was quiet downstairs for the people who were interested in the movie. After like 45 mins they all came back down and woke Gabby back up lol. Then people started to leave or go back outside on the pool deck to smoke more cigars and talk it up. Donovan's mom decided to go to bed and all that was left in the living room was Me, Gabby, Claud, Donovan, and Donovan's brother CJ. They decided that they would do what any other group of guys would do... XBOX! They played Fusion Frenzy for an hour and Gabby fell asleep again. It was way past her bedtime. After they finished the game it was time to go home. We stopped at Sonic for late night drinks and then went home. Claud kissed Gabby goodnight and we said we'll see each other Friday. My prom night! :D
Pure Bliss.
Happy Mother's Day!

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MY PROM!!!!!
May 17, 2013

"To the world you are a mother but to your family you are the world." ~ Pinterest 

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