Saturday, March 2, 2013

Christening Planning: Getting the Basics Together

As I explained in the last post about planning Gabriella's christening, I am in charge of the ceremony and all things before.
Before I get started, I just want to explain what a christening is. Some people call it a baby baptism or a dedication. To me they are all the same meaning. After the birth of a child in a christian home, the parents are then responsible for raising the child according to God's rules and principles. Now of course every church, family, home, denomination, and lifestyle are different. Everyone is unique in every way and I am obviously a somewhat nontraditional person and I like to make my own traditions. But either way the goal of a christening, dedication or baptism, is to declare in front of family and friends that you will raise your child by the ways of the Lord.
Godparents are friends (sometimes family) that will help the parents along the way to help raise the child as well. It takes a village! :) Gabby has alot of Godparents. Alexis is my best friend and her godmother. As you see, she was even named after her. And her godfathers are Donovan, Claud's best friend, and Devin, my good friend. When either of them gets married, their spouse will become godparents too.
According to christening etiquette, christenings and baptisms are rarely an elaborate affair. Well screw that tradition! Lol. As for fabulous people, they are very big! Almost like a mini wedding. So planning is a must. First things first... saving the date.
You want to always choose a date that fits into your schedule. The date that we chose is Saturday, March 23. Claud is away in college and he wont be home until March 17 so that weekend will be perfect because he will be home. The time will be late afternoon around 4 because we wont be able to rent out the reception hall until 5:30.
After you get the location and time locked down and set in stone, its time to move on to the invitations. There are millions of invitations out there that can all be good themes. Since the colors are pink and silver, I am ordering the invitations from I got a gift card from the hospital where I delivered her at for 50 free prints and a $20 off purchase, so of course I wanted to use it. As everyone knows, I am the biggest Party City fan and I always get my supplies from there so this time I decided to give it a little rest. But I am in love with party city so I will definitely be still using it for other events. Since the invitations will be custom made, I'm gonna put her pictures on there. It's gonna be so cute.
We already have her dress and we are just waiting on her custom made bow done by her fairy glam mother William T. Ford who is the designer of WTFashion. :) I also have my outfit and look ready, and the favors will come later when we get closer to the big day.

I'm so excited!

"The closer a person is to God, the closer he is to people." ~ Pope Benedict XVI 

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