Friday, October 12, 2012

Pictures Pictures and Baby Update

Last week I took my maternity pics! I had so much fun! Even though some places had a little too much grass (it makes me itchy), bugs, and I stepped in an ant pile......It was a very amazing time. Baby was moving too! I think she knew that we were getting our picture taken so she wanted to pose also :) Thanks to my amazing photographer Jackie Marie Brown. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @jbphotographer to see more of her amazing stuff. Keep in mind these are only a few.

Well yesterday I also had more pictures taken, but this time it was Senior Pictures. Very untraditional of course. :P Oh how I miss modeling so much. These photos were taken at One Last Marble in Uptown Dallas but Alexis was taking extra photos on the side ;)

I have finally made it to my 3rd trimester! I will be 29 weeks tomorrow. The baby shower is quickly approaching and I still have SOO much left to do. I have decided to probably change her name. Too many people mispronounce Nala. I have no idea why. But thats going to bother me so I am no longer revealing her name until she is born. Lately pregnancy stresses have gotten the best of me. I have found myself crying more than usual, can't get any sleep, and dealing with the single mom syndrome. But now I have finally made myself happy again and my focus is just my baby, me, and finishing school. Of course the worries will always come but sometimes you just have to go through them because there is always something special in the end.

Patiently Waiting,

"The moment you are ready to quit, is usually the moment right before the miracle happens. Don't give up." 

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