Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baby Shower Planning: The Invitations

Believe it or not, I have still been working very hard on the plans for the baby shower that is so quickly approaching. Even though I am just about a week behind on some things on my checklist, I am speedy with catching up. This past weekend I had my family from Shreveport, Louisiana come over. So it was a big distraction for me.But one thing I did manage to get was the invitations for my baby shower! Now I know that I said earlier in this blog that I wanted pink and chocolate brown as the theme/color but sadly I have had a change of mind. I just went ahead and decided to go with a generic theme and color scheme from Party City. But like everything I do, whether it be in the plans or not, everything will still be FABULOUS! (Come on, you should know this by now =D) There has been a lot of changes to this baby shower like the venue, of course the theme and the budget. But like I said, everything will be just perfect in the end. So the new theme I chose was a theme from Party City and it is called Pink Wild Safari. The colors are pink, black and white (see, not too far off from pink and brown), leopard and zebra print, and has the cutest little jungle animals on it.

Well back to the main subject. The invitations! Whether you decide to make your own or use a general invitation from the store, there are some things that you must always think about and include.
The best time to send out invitations for a baby shower, or invitations in general, are 2-3 weeks before the date. It gives the guests plenty of time to check your registry or plan what gift they might buy for you. You can also send them just a little bit earlier if you have to mail some to out of town guests. Always buy or make just the right amount of invitations. If you have extras, that's better than not having enough. So always refer back to your guest list and make a good estimate of how many you need.

Some things should almost always be on an invitation, store bought or self/custom made. 
  • Name of the mommy to be and/or host(s).  If you are like me and don't really have a set host, just putting your name is fine too. this can help guests find your name on any registry list and write your name on cards. Believe it or not, some people you are closest too will forget your name or forget how to spell it.
  • Location.  Duh. 
  • Time and Date.  Duh. 
  • (optional) Directions.  If you know that your house or venue is tricky to find, its best to put the directions on how to get there. But most people these days have GPS on their phones and in their cars. If not, Map Quest has never failed. 
  • Phone Number/Email and RSVP. Just in case the guests have questions and the RSVP is to at least give you a heads up on who all will come or not. Even though not too many people RSVP anymore, its still common courtesy and will give you at least an estimate on "absolute" guests. But don't always rely on RSVP's. Since some won't call at all and just show up, its best to just plan for the estimated number of guests. You can also put on the invitation "RSVP Required" if you don't want any slip ups. 
  • Where the mommy to be is registered.  Very important. How else will the guests know what to get for you? If you haven't already started a registry by this point, GET ON IT! Baby registries can be found anywhere where baby stuff is sold. Target, Babies R Us, Walmart, anywhere you like to shop pretty much. 
Some other things to add to the invitation is totally up to you. If you want a dress code, put a dress code, if you have a game in mind and need the guest to bring something, tell them to bring it. Include whatever you think is necessary. 

Until next time my lovelies! 

"Life can either be accepted or changed. If it is not accepted, it must be changed. If it cannot be changed, it must be accepted." 

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