Monday, October 15, 2012

Gift Ideas for the Balanced Libra Woman (Happy Birthday Chelsea!)

Happy Birthday Libras!!! You all are so special and sexy in your own way ;) A few things about Libra women that I have personally experienced is that they are very social and very romantic. But one thing that everyone should know about Libras is that some are balanced and some are not.... Fortunately for me, I know and have became friends with only balanced ones and have only come across a few unbalanced ones. The balanced Libra woman is usually very social but not too social to the point where its annoying (like one other unbalanced Libra I have came across). Libra women in general love all things beauty and/or fashion. Venus rules them; most Libras are beautiful anyway; and their ruling body part is their ass. How much sexier can you get?? Therefore, buying a gift for a Libra woman is a great task. They tend to only want the finer things in life.

What a Libra Woman Might Like

Photo frames that look expensive or handmade
Anything aromatherapy
Bath salts or any kind of bath time set
Interesting books
Romantic books
Exotic treasures

The Libra woman I know and have become best friends with is Chelsea Rayna. If she isn't the most balanced Libra there is then I don't know who is. She is always so calm and relaxed about everything and so very elegant (If you haven't noticed by now I have been inspired to use my elegant words/speech this entire blog by her). So for her birthday this past weekend, she did what any elegant and balanced Libra would do. She had a very very very fancy tea party. Feminine? Of course. The only male there was her sweet and caring Pisces boyfriend. What else would you expect of a Libra? A social gathering where people can talk and have fun but stay "balanced". I thank her mother and father for making the delicious sandwiches and tea. Oh. And also for making special tea for me that is safe for pregnant women. ;D Great Job!

The gift I got her was a wine glass with the word "SEXY" engraved on it. She of course loved it :D
I had the best time ever at her tea party. 
Happy Birthday to ALL Libras! 
And Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Love you sweeties!

"Beauty is only skin deep. I think what's really important is finding a balance of mind, body and spirit." ~ Jennifer Lopez

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