Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Amber and Gabby is 1 month!

Today was a really special day...
First off I would like to say Happy Birthday to all Aquarius' out there!
And secondly, Happy Birthday to my little sister Amber!
Amber turned 12 today and shes just getting so old. It seems like yesterday she was still 9 years old. Now shes my big preteen girl. I always tell her that she and her friends remind me of myself and my friends when I was her age. Its so true.
I always spoil people who are close to me on their birthdays...when I have the money of course. ;) So for Amber's birthday this year she wanted a self portrait of herself. She originally wanted someone from my school to do it for her but since I am not at school at the moment, I had to re-think. So I looked up online for someone else to draw her if I sent her picture in. I found this great caricature website that could do it for only $40 which is good and the cheapest I could find. It isn't here yet but it will be her birthday present from me. I also got her a birthday card signed by our baby sister Kamryn, our dog Pippen, Gabriella and myself; I gave her a birthday crown and birthday pins; and I also decorated a dollar to pin on her shirt and 5 dollars for her birthday pin to start off the money flow.
Happy Birthday Moo!
Gabriella with her Aunt Amber aka the Birthday Girl 

Today was also special because today Gabby is 1 month old!
Its all just going by so fast! :'(  I can't believe a month ago I was in the hospital with her. Time is really flying by.I was looking through her pictures in my phone and she already looks so different than her newly born self. Before I know it she will be 1 year... ahhhhhhh its so scary yet will be here before I know it. 

1 Month!

Life goes by so quick!

"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things." ~ Unknown

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