Sunday, August 23, 2015

SURPRISE! I'm Pregnant With Baby #2!

   Trying to keep this a secret all summer was very hard. I'll just start right there lol. With Gabriella, I wasn't THIS sick and I wasn't in my first trimester during the summer. And if you know anything about pregnancy or have been pregnant before, you know the first trimester is the worst part of pregnancy. Morning sickness, mood swings, bloating, fatigue, sore boobs and an aching back, all rev up to 500% in dry Texas heat. If you follow me on social media, I'm sure you've noticed I barely did anything this summer, let alone take a selfie, because I really had zero energy and was sick to my stomach.
   SOOOO now that you know why I've been so anti-social, back to the good news at hand... I'm Pregnant, AGAIN! Lol. I can definitely say that this pregnancy is already so different from when I was pregnant with Gabby. I guess you can say I was lucky with her.

   Now I will be very honest with you guys... I'm still a single mother. Will this be harder for me?, yes. But will I be okay?, I always am. If you haven't noticed by now, I know how to take a bad situation and make it work out for good by my faith and the help of God. We all have life lessons to learn and everyone learns in a different way. Some get the lessons right off the bat, for others it takes more than one way to show them. I guess I'm just better learning the hard way haha.

How I found out-
   I just knew it. I felt it. I had to have only been like 2-3 weeks. My boobs were sooooo sore. When I took off my bra, it felt like rocks falling down in my chest. I was also sooooooo moody. Everyone I talked to, seemed to piss me off just by them opening their mouth. Lol. And finally, I was sooooooo hungry and always eating. And I'm not talking like snacks and little meals here and there. No. I craved STEAK, BURGERS (I don't even eat those anymore), EGGS AND CHICKEN FRIED STEAK. I was eating like a warrior. So yea....I just knew it. But you know you can't really take a pregnancy test until after you miss your period, so I had to wait a while. Then... I missed my period. Haha I immediately bought 3 ClearBlue tests and took them. All positive. By the way, I bought the ones that told you how many weeks you're supposed to be and I just wanted to let you all know, don't waste your money on that bogus s***. It said I was 2-3 weeks which was a lie because I had took the first day of my last period (which is what the doctors do) and calculated my weeks and due date online. I was definitely 5-6 weeks by the time I found out. I told my family the old fashioned way, by word of mouth, text messages, and phone calls. I won't sugar coat it for you all. I am blessed to have a family that is understanding but they also taught me to be independent and take responsibility for my mistakes and actions. When I told them, "It is what it is." "Take care of your s***" "It's gonna be hard but we're always here."

   Since then, my pregnancy has been of course sick and nauseating but like always it gets better eventually. I am due on Valentine's Day 2016. I am currently 15 weeks and 2 days. My next appointment, I will hopefully find out what I'm having. :)  I love my babies and would do anything for them. I'm blogging it all again!!! Welcome to my second pregnancy journey!

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