Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gabriella's First Birthday Party

I'm pretty sure I don't have to explain too much of the story because I posted about it (exactly) a year ago.
But i'll do it anyway. :) 
On this day of last year, at 10:59pm, my angel was born. This year was full of so many great accomplishments for me and Gabby. She taught me responsibility, how to be a woman, she kept me pushing for everything and anything I wanted to do because it all in the end was gonna be beneficial for her as well as myself. I cannot believe a year has flown by so fast. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want another baby. Lol

I started off my day bright and early at 9am. I was up ALL night preparing things for the birthday party. (I am so sorry that I did not blog about the planning. I'll explain everything very soon in a post about what was going on) I got favors ready, put each decoration piece in separated bags, EVERYTHING you can possibly think of that a perfectionist OCD party planner would do for a party, I did it! Lol. So I started my day of course with a pretty girl shower, and Gabby with a birthday girl bubble bath. We called up daddy and told him it was time to go pick up our last minute items for the party. We went to Party City and Dollar General to get everthing we needed. Then we went to go pick up the cake. 
The cake situation was kind of a sticky one. We had ordered a half a sheet cake for the guests to eat and a mini cake for Gabby's smash cake. When we picked up the 1/2 sheet cake, the design was PERFECT, but it was the wrong size! It was half of a 1/2 sheet! So I definitely had to change that as quick as I could. They fixed it for free (thank God) and we were able to walk out with a fresh new cake. 

We got to the venue just in time to set up and decorate. Guests of course were late but we still had a great time with whoever was there. We ate Papa John's pizza, played Pin the Nose on Elmo, blew bubbles, colored, ate lots of cake and opened lots of presents. 

I cant believe an entire year blew by so quickly. My baby! My Gabriella! Shes a toddler now! :'( Sometimes I wish the baby days lasted a bit longer. But I'm glad shes growing up to be a healthy little girl. Because of course, she will always be my baby in my eyes and heart. 

My Picasa web album is up to date. So you can see the photos here:

I'm so sorry that I went MIA after I promised that this blog would be awesome. I promise i'll explain everything that happened and I will definitely catch you guys up. 

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Happy first birthday Gabriella! You'll always be my precious little baby girl. 
~Kortney (Mommy) 

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