Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a very fun and blessed Thanksgiving. I know I did. I did plenty of fun things. I finally got my toes done with my best friend and god mother of my daughter, Alexis. We got the deluxe! It was sooo worth it!
Both of our feet have been tired out from dance and of course my problem, pregnancy feet. We deserved it. Afterwards we went out to eat at Ton's Mongolian Grill. It was delicious. But they give you so much food that you can't even eat it all. I felt bad giving my plate to the waitress because I was so sad that I was wasting food. But I got ice cream afterwards though :)
We were going to go see Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 but I am not allowed to see it yet because I haven't watched Eclipse :-/ Oh well. Maybe next time. After she dropped me off at home I started packing for my last and final trip to Shreveport, Louisiana. My doctor said it would be okay for me to travel since it is only 3 hours away. He said, "Anything farther than that, I would have said no to." Since it is getting so close to my due date, the trip would be my last until after baby comes.

My aunt Monica came to pick me up the next morning for our trip. I am actually surprised that I only had to stop to pee twice in a 3 hour period. And that I actually stayed awake the entire time. As soon as we made it to my Granny's house I pulled out some food and sat back and watched TV. It was officially "Kortney's Lazy Time" from there on out. I was so happy to be there because not only did I deserve my lazy time, but because I was so afraid that I would not have gotten to go anywhere for Thanksgiving since my step-dad's side of the family all went to Miami and my mother's side all lives in Shreveport.
So Thanksgiving was great. The food (as always) was off the chain delicious and my family (for once) had no family feuds! Whew! Although there were too many kids in the house for my liking -__- They screamed too much to the point that I almost lost my mind a little bit. Also the Cowboys lost which was kind of sad :( Our Thanksgiving was also kind of cut short since it we were still getting ready for yet another big event... No not my baby coming... but BLACK FRIDAY!!! My family and I take Black Friday seriously! Unfortunately we didn't have as much fun as we usually do since I'm pregnant I had to stay home, my mother wasn't there to contribute, and my aunt Ashley works at JC Penny so she had to be there to check out the mad house. So it was only 2 people who went; My aunt Monica and my great aunt Baye. But I just kept thinking to myself that next year would be the year I would be waiting in line to buy stuff for my own baby :)
Saturday was the annual Bayou Classic football game against Grambling State University and Southern University. I started watching during the halftime show (which is the most entertaining anyway). The majority of my family went to Southern and only my Granny went to Grambling. So it was pretty interesting watching it with everyone. The next day was bittersweet. It was time for us to be heading back to Texas. Of course I never like leaving my hometown but I told my family that the next time you see me, I will have a little baby with me, and this time not in my stomach. :)
I am literally just waiting around and watching the days go by. My little angel could come at any minute now.
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I love you guys and thanks for being someone I can talk to <3

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for."

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