Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break 2012

I hope everyone is enjoying their Spring break.....Me....not so much.
Well, besides that one day... but other than that, I'm not having the greatest time. All I've done so far is get beauty sleep, breathe synthetic air and work on stuff that I needed to get done.
But for those of you who are also having "Staycations", you don't have to spend it like I am. Here are a few of spring staycation ideas that I've came up with in the past (but haven't really done over spring break just yet)
1. Play with your food.
Let your inner chef come out. Have a few friends over and start cooking. Bake some cookies, try new recipes, or visit a cultural restaurant. You can even start looking at new food and drink ideas for summertime. Or, if your looking for the more lazier side of the kitchen while you can! Hey, why not? See this as your last week to eat anything you want before you start your summer diet.
2. Explore YOUR City.
Sometimes we never know what our city has inside it. I technically live in 2 cities. Big, thriving Dallas and regular, all-American town Cedar Hill. Both is Texas but so different. I never knew what Dallas had until me and a couple of friends just decided to walk around the city. Same with Cedar Hill. It looks like a regular town with a little shopping center, but it is actually very historical. And sometimes the most historical things are the most fun.
3. Chill Out with Movies
Redbox, Netflix and Satellite TV is the best! Invite some friends over, gather up some junk food, and just start watching movies all day. You can never watch too many movies. Also a good spring break box office hit at the movies this year, if you don't wanna stay at home, is Project X. LOOOOOVE IT!
4. Catch Up on Lost Sleep
Who says that's being lazy? You've worked so hard during the school year and tried to hit up as many parties as you could, now you owe it to yourself to catch up on lost sleep. I know I have. So get your beauty sleep on and I promise you will feel like a refreshed person after the break is over.
5. Do Some Spring Cleaning
Do it while you can! More than likely you will not have enough time to do it when you return to school, so don't delay. Plus, it's really fun putting away your winter stuff and bringing out your spring/summer stuff. I did this just last night and even though it was messy in my tiny little shoebox of a room, it was so exciting to bring out my hot clothes haha. It's a reminder of how close summer is :)
6. Give Your Beauty a Fresh Start
Still look like your stuck in winter? Shake it off! do something new with your hair, get a tan, go shopping. Start looking like your ready for hotness ;)
7. FIND a Party
During Spring Break, there is ALWAYS something going on. So use that trusty iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android, go straight to the contact list and ask around; check your Twitter time lines; and for once, try checking out the Events tab on your Facebook. You really can find something to do if you actually try.
Me and my best friend Armoni have not necessarily enjoyed this years spring break, and I don't think too many other people have either from what our Twitter time lines are telling us. So we have already made our plans for next year.......
SPRING BREAK SOUTH PADRE ISLAND,TX 2013....GET READY FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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